Why throw out expired milk from the refrigerator? What to do with it is always useful

When you notice that the milk has expired in the refrigerator, it is obvious that the liquid can no longer be used. However, housewives offer you a wonderful trick that you can use. Instead of throwing it away or spilling it, you can use expired milk again, if it has not changed color, it does not smell bad.

Great tricks for using sour milk in the fridge

You may not have thought about it before, but sour milk can be used successfully in some recipes. When the liquid expires, first of all you have to make sure that it has not changed color, has not gotten an unpleasant and sharp smell.

Second, expired milk can be used in pancakes or bread dough. You can add sour milk to burnt sugar, pudding, cheesecake or even icing.

Moreover, another great trick is to use fresh expired milk when making omelets or homemade cheeses. Another great tip is to use expired milk to make some face care creams.

All you have to do is fill the bowl with milk and add three tablespoons of oatmeal. Mix the two ingredients, apply the frozen mass on the skin, rubbing lightly. Leave it until it dries completely, then wash by massaging the face.

How to clean your silverware, furniture և leather bags using sour milk

Milk helps to whiten blemishes on the skin, if you dip the cleansing disc in the liquid, press it on the affected areas. Let it work all night, do not forget to wash it later.

On the other hand, expired milk can be used in the household. Few people know that white liquid is a good ingredient for cleaning silverware or ink on fabrics.

Expired milk cleans leather bags, helps wooden furniture look very shiny. All that is left is to dip the silverware and jewelry in baking soda and milk.

After half an hour, take them out and wash them with lukewarm water. The results will be seen immediately. Pour some sour milk on a clean cloth to polish the furniture. The wood will get a certain shine.

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