What wealth has Pep Guardiola amassed under the age of 51?


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Pep Guardiola (51 years old), his coach Manchester City, has an assessed ability 40 million euros, according to Goal.com.

One of the most rated in the field, Pep won for the second time in a row Premier League: և for the fourth time after the administration group at Etihad. The coach has won nine major trophies for City, but so far no Champions League.

What wealth does Pep Guardiola have?

In the current season of the Champions League, the team led by Pep came out of the fight in the semifinals, defeating “Real” Madrid 6-5. Before that, “City” had not conceded a goal in the 1/8 finals (5-0 against “Sporting”, 1-0 against “Atletico”.

Guardiola lost to Etihad and Chelsea in the Champions League final in the 2020/21 season. “I did everything I could” said the coach at the time, according to Goal. “I gave all my strength to the selection of players, they know that. “I missed opportunities, it was a close encounter.”

He loses from the outside, but sets records in the domestic championship

The top English clubs with the most points in the Premier League start with “Manchester City”. In the 2017/2018 season, Guardiola scored 100 points in the league, surpassing Chelsea’s record of 05/04 in 95p 38 games. Since then, “City” has appeared in the top six three times, sharing the stage with “Liverpool” and Londoners at “Stamford Bridge”.

The leading teams in the Premier League with the most points of all time

  • Manchester City – 2017/18 – 100 p
  • Liverpool – 2019/20 – 99 p.m.
  • Manchester City – 2018/19 – 98p
  • Liverpool – 2018/19 – 97 p.m.
  • Chelsea – 2004/05 – 95 p.m.
  • Manchester City – 93 points

Pep Guardiola. “I failed every year.” What made the coach say that?

Barcelona is the first club to win all six titles in a single season, which later coincides with Bayern Munich’s 2020 game. Guardiola has won the Spanish Championship, the Spanish Cup, the Spanish Super Cup, the Champions League, the UEFA Super Cup and the Club World Cup. “I have been failing year after year since directing that show.” said the Spaniard for Marca. “I accept this, I have no problem.” The Spanish technician graduated.

Relationship with Leo Messi. “I owe him a bottle of wine.”

Pep Guardiola had the opportunity to make Messi one of the best players in history. The Argentine has only words of praise for Guardiola. “He has something special, I was lucky to work with him.” said the star of the Spanish La Sexta TV channel.

“Messi means everything in my career, he made me more competitive. I owe him a bottle of wine. “I have won many titles as Barcelona coach, but without him I do not think I could have done anything.” said Pep, according to the Mirror.

Guardiola’s ability

The coach’s ability is assessed 40 million euros, according to Goal. City Shakes offered the Catalan a contract of more than 17 million euros a year in 2018, becoming one of the highest paid coaches in the field together with Jose Mourinho.

List of Pep Guardiola Cups

  • 2x UCL, 3x UEFA Super Cup, 3x Club World Cup
  • 3 times Bundesliga title, 4 times Premier League title, 3 times La Liga title
  • 1x FA Cup, 4x Carabao Cup, 2x King’s Cup, 2x German Cup
  • 2 times the English Super Cup, 3 times the Spanish Super Cup

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