What are the salaries of the Russian hackers who turned off the lights in Costa Rica?

Russia’s Conti Group has urged President Rodrigo Chavez to declare a state of emergency over a serious attack that prompted the hacker team to take responsibility.

What are the salaries of the Russian hackers who turned off the lights in Costa Rica?

The report describes the actions of the team that just hit Costa Rica. The hackers have chosen cyber warfare in defense of Vladimir Putin’s Russia, but they want to show with a ransom that they can harm any state.

For nearly four years, these cyber pirates have been the perpetrators of major attacks on the West, using ransom to strike.

It is a malware (computer virus) that restricts access to any infected device that is commonly used as a “virtual alarm” and then ransoms the victim, whether it is an institution, government or a private company. This type of cyberattack has grown exponentially during the epidemic.

HERE:about how the Conti group works և how it is organized, which has hundreds of paid employees.

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