Video |: U Cluj – Csikszereda 0-3, U19 Elite League final. Ciucanii will represent Romania in the UEFA Youth League

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After this success, “ciucanii” will represent Romania in the UEFA Youth League tournament for the second year in a row.

Cluj – Chicsereda 0-3. The group from Miercurea Ciuc, a clear victory in Giuleşti

Although the Transylvanians started the game better, they opened the score with “ciucanii”. And after Cluj’s goal in the 10th minute, Miercurea Ciuc scored in the 40th minute through Tamas Biro.

The second half belonged to Chicsereda. The group considered the guest of this game, which put pressure in the second half, from Julesht և was able to increase the advantage. Omar scored a goal in the 73rd minute, after an independent action, which ended with a ladder.

The table was closed in the 80th minute, Robert Jala scored a goal using the mistakes in the defense of Cluj. After the victory in this final, Csikszereda Miercurea Ciuc will be the representative of Romania in the UEFA Youth League in the 2022/2023 season, as it happened in the previous season.

Cluj – Chicsereda 0-3. Ciucanii goes to the UEFA Youth League

Min 90 + 1:The referee ends the match.

Min 80:Chikshereda made the score 3-0. Robet Chala scored a goal using a new mistake in Wu Cluj’s defense.

Min 73:Goal Chickszereda. Omar increases the difference of “ciucani” after escaping alone with the opposing goalkeeper. He showed on the ladder.

Min 52:Chikshereda missed the increase of the account. Sandor missed an ideal position with the opposing goalkeeper.

Min 46:The second half has started.

Min 45 + 1:The referee blows the whistle for a foul.

Min 40:Goal Chickszereda. “Ciucanii” opened the score through Tamash Biro, after the football player took advantage of the Transylvanians’ mistake in defense.

Min 31:Cluj hit the post. On the right side of the Transylvania, the cross fell on the pole. The corner kick caused a big mess in the penalty area, he almost scored his goal.

Min 1:The meeting has started.

Starting teams.

  • Cluj: Bleda – Faragau, Podea, Balan, Utyu, Neatsu, Molnar, Morau, Kalugar, Cucos, Vina.
  • Chicsereda. Caraxoni – Barabash, Gergeli, Veregut, Hadnagi – Chsala, Balash, Bujoso – Shandor, Biro, Omar.

Cluj was able to reach the grand final, bypassing Dinamo in the semifinal.

The Miercurea Ciuc team won the semi-final against Farul Constanta և for the second year in a row qualified for the M19 Elite League final.

U19 Elite League, for the first time in the last 6 years without Hagi’s team final

The fate of the qualification was decided in a draw, when at the end of the 90 minutes of the return match the total result was 4-4.

It is the first time that Constanta’s team will not be involved in the fight for the title of champion in the U19 category, they have been present in the last 6 finals of this age category, but under the name Viitorul Constanța. to

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