Victor Bekali thinks that it is better for “Dinamo” to lower the rating. “I will accept swearing.”

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Victor Bekali thinks that it is better for “Dinamo” to lower the rating. “I will accept swearing.”

Victor Bekali thinks that it would be the best for “Dinamo” to lower In League 2. Thus, Impresario believes that Ștefan cel Mare խումբ խումբ խումբ խումբ խումբ խումբ խումբ fan fan fan fan fan fan fan fan fan fan fan fan fan fan fan fan fan fan fan fan fan fan fan fan fan fan fan fan fan fan

Bekali thinks that the second echelon decline will not remove the fans, he claims that “Dynamo” can attract financially strong people to invest in the team. To confirm his arguments, Victor Bekali brought an example from Rapid.

»I’m going to swear at myself a little bit about the game. I think it is better for “Dinamo” to lower the rating. 70% probability of decline. “Dynamo”, if it stays in the 1st league, will be in the resuscitation department.

He goes to B, does well, treats. It works well on a small budget. If “Dinamo” had gone to “B” earlier with the support of the fans, they would have come out of insolvency, now they were getting promotion. I would give 2000 for the subscription, I would give 2000 for B, let them go to B and give, there are many.

It should be a serious leadership, not a handful of like-minded people. I can not understand why you bring in high paid players if you are insolvent. Build a promotion team, take a look at Rapid. I tell you that there are many people who would help Dynamo in the 2nd league“, Said Victor Bekali during the Digi Sport Special show.

Bogdan Stelian does not believe in saving “Dinamo” from falling. “We have to go crazy.”

Bogdan Stelyan thinks that the chances of “Dinamo” being relegated to the second league are much greater than the possibility of continuing in the first echelon.

The former wonderful goalkeeper claims that the result of the first round is a living proof that the chances of the “dogs” to stay in Ligue 1 are very small.

»There is a high probability that they will be fired. We hope for the result. We should be mad to say that when they lost the first game 0-2, they will not give up better opportunities than staying in the first division.

Dynamo had opportunities, he could have scored a goal. They came after a whole season where they struggled there, they did not have a fantastic level. In such a game, such opportunities are important. If he had scored such a goal once, maybe the match would have been different. It did not bring them luck. ” said Bogdan Stelian on the air of the Football Club show.

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