Victor Becali’s reaction after Florin Tanase signed with another impresario. “He did not go with us, we did not go with him.”

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The FCSB player left for Monte Carlo on Wednesday, where he initialed a contract with an Italian agent.

Victor Becali’s reaction after Florin Tanase signed with another impresario. “He did not go with us, we did not go with him.”

Victor Bekali had a telephone intervention on the Digi Sport Special show, where he talked about parting with Florin Tanase.

The manager explained that the reason for Florin Tanase’s departure is not misunderstandings in any case, but simply the fact that his contract has expired, և the football player wants to try his luck elsewhere.

Bekali said that he does not understand why he could not find a team for the best striker from FCSB, he hopes that Tanasen will realize his dream with Pastorello. He said he was impressed with the FCSB captain’s correctness and admitted that he would be willing to transfer Tanase even if his company did not receive any money.

»I have not lost Tanase. The contract had expired. We were not offered to extend it, but he did not terminate the contract. Try the boy with someone else, maybe he did not go with us, we did not go with him. I sincerely want him to move abroad, no matter who he is. It does not bother me at all.

He is a wonderful boy. Maybe it was not together. It never occurred to us that the player who scored so many goals would not get a transfer. He was an unjust boy, super fair. At least all the players should be as honest as Florin Tanase.

I do not want to say, but there were not many offers. There were only discussions. Previously, you had 4-5 teams with 24 players who scored goals. I have no other explanation. It’s not a problem, it’s not a concern. I wish the company would not make money, move to Florin Tanase“, Said Victor Bekali during the Digi Sport Special show.

Florin Tanase leaves FCSB.

In recent years, the FCSB striker had hoped to make a large transfer abroad, but in vain. Although he was one of the best strikers in Romanian football in recent years, no Italian club has been willing to offer 3 million euros to the FCSB as long as it has a transfer point for Gigi Becali’s team.

After the FCSB also lost the championship this season, Florin Tanase resigned. He announced that he does not plan to leave, his only goal is to win the title next year. However, a relationship with Pastorello may soon bring him the much-coveted move.

»(You are leaving the FCSB). I stay: I’m thinking about it և I want us to win the title next season. (Are you thinking of being invited to the national team?) Well, it’s me. (What do you think of your opponent?) I’ll see when we approach them“, – said Florin Tanase at the end of the meeting with CFR Cluj.

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