Valeriu Iftime announced Botoshani’s budget for the next season. “I do not want to make a profit.”

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The other day, Rapid’s new financier Dan Shuku celebrated the holiday. He announced that the Julesti group will have a budget of 7 million euros for the next season.

Valeriu Iftime. “It is difficult to fight in the playoffs.”

For his part, Valeriu Iftime announced that he has one available for next season budget – 5 million eurosof which 500,000 euros will be directed to groups of children and juniors.

The businessman admitted that the budget is implemented at the expense of the received incomes. He does not want to make a profit from football, but he does not want to lose money, because it assumes that it happened in previous years.

»I have 4.5 million plus 500,000 euros for teenagers. True, it is difficult to fight in the playoffs. But I scale very well with my income. I do not want to make a profit, but I do not want to lose more money“, – said Valeriu Iftime at the football club.

In the last five years alone, FC Botoshani has acquired more than 8 million euros through transfers. The Moldovans have chosen a strategy of “transferring” ազատ to transfer only free contract players, preferably foreigners, to sell to the best teams in the 1st league.

On the other hand, in terms of players bought, the most expensive was Catalina Golofka, for whom 400 thousand euros were paid in the 2017/2018 season.

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