University of Craiova – FC Botoșani LIVE VIDEO, 20:30, Digi Sport 1. “Final” for the last place in the Conference League.

  • U19 Elite League:: CollapseChicseredaFriday, 5:30 p.m., Digi Sport 1:

  • UECL barrier: University of CraiovaBotosaniFriday, 20:30, Digi Sport 1:

According to the regulations, at the end of the season in Ligue 1, only one match will be held on the field of the team with the best rating.

So, tonight at 8:30 pm live on Digi Sport 1, its Oltenyans Laurentius Regekampf (46 years old) will do everything or nothing, after Bani’s team conceded two goals in two consecutive games – the second place in the championship – the ticket to the final of the Romanian Cup.

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University of Craiova – FA Botoshan LIVE VIDEO, 20:30, Digi Sport 1. The Moldovans won in Banye.

The bets on the game are huge, but the statistics for this season are on the side of the Moldovans. Mariusz Krtoytorou’s team is undefeated against Krajova this season. During the previous match of the regular season, Banye beat FA Botoshani 2-1, on August 1, 2021. Gustavo opened the score, but in the second half Ongenda և Papa scored the winning goals.

In response, it ended 2-2 in Botoshani. The Oltenyans also opened the score through Kolich, after which Kage and Edjuma gave an advantage to the hosts. Gustavo saved the Oltenians, who equalized the score and set the final score.

Meeting at the University of Craiova! Laurencio Regekampf և his players have been threatened with dismissal

Mihai Rotaru invited a meeting with FA Botoshani before the game. The shareholder of the University of Craiova said that he is not at all satisfied with the way the team has performed this season.

In addition, according to Fanatik, Rotaru threatened to remove “Laurentiou Regekampf” players. This conditioned their stay at the University of Craiova with a victory in the game with Botoshani.

The same source mentions that Rotaru already has the name of a coach in mind, who can take the group in case Laurentio Regekampf leaves Bani. It is about the former selector of the national team Mirel Rado.

However, in order to bring Rado, Rotaru had to terminate the contract with Laurencio Regekampf, and in order to do that, he had to pay the coach 300 thousand euros.

If he misses the European Cup qualifiers, Rotaru could leave Regekampf without paying this amount to the coach due to a clause in the contract.

Laurentius Regekampf’s statement after it was said that he was leaving the University of Craiova. “Everything is clear”:

Recently, rumors have been circulating that Laurentius Regekampf will leave at the University of Craiova at the end of this season, but the technician categorically denied it.

Before the match with Farul Constanta, Regekampf was asked about his future, և Oltenyan’s coach mentioned that he has a one-year contract with Banye’s team, that he has no reason to leave the University of Craiova.

»Everything is very simple with us. I have a contract for another year. Everything is very well defined in the contract, both by me and the other side. My relations with Mihai Rotaru are very good, with all the members of the President և’s staff. There is no discussion at the moment, they have not been and will not be. It is clear here.

When one of us has another way, it is very simple, it is fixed in the contract, we shake hands and remain friends. I will never forget the relationship I have built here for almost a year“, Reports Laurentiu Reghecampf.

Great ambitions for FC Botoshani for the next season. Valeriu Iftime. “I want to bring 5-6 players.”

owner FC Botoshan, Valeriu Iftimewants a solid transfer campaign this summer that will make the Moldovan team stronger than it was last season.

At the start of the season, FA Botoshani lost three starting players: Malcolm Edjuma (left for FCSB), Hervin Ongenda (left for Apollon Limassol) and Christopher Brown (who will join CFR Cluj).

Marius Croitoru missed the first two players in the second half of the season. Two important parts of the exchange have disappeared, those that should have been replaced have not risen to the expected level. In addition, they lost Christopher Brown, who started CFR in the winter.

So, Valeriu Iftime is ready to invest to find players of new caliberTo catch the playoffs in the 2022/2023 season. It will follow the same strategy – free contract players who demand not very high salaries, but have a passion for gambling.

»Edjuma, Ongenda, Brown left. I would like to bring 5-6 players, generally foreigners. I would definitely like a decor, but it’s hard to find. I also want to bring free players, as in other years.

The players who come here know that they do not pay very high salaries, but they always pay on time“, – said Valeriu Iftime, according to

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