Ukraine calls on Germany to suspend gas supplies through Nord Stream 1

Ukrainian energy companies have called on Germany to suspend Russian gas supplies through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline as Moscow continues to bomb Ukraine.

If Berlin does not completely stop the flow of Russian gas, it should at least significantly reduce that volume, according to the state operator of the Ukrainian state supplier Naftogaz.

The “North Stream 1” gas pipeline is the most important pipeline transporting Russian gas in Germany. The pipeline crosses the Baltic Sea and supplies gas to Europe, said Sergi Makohon, general manager of the Ukrainian gas transmission system operator, Agerpres reports.

“But we see that Russia completely violates those principles.” He said that was why he was calling on the German Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Technology and the federal network agency to suspend or at least drastically reduce supplies.

The pipeline was used in 2021 to transport more than 59 billion cubic meters of gas from Vyborg in western Russia, the company said.

Governments across Europe are trying to drastically reduce or end their Russian energy needs by avoiding further funding for Moscow’s war against Ukraine.

The war that began on February 24 shows no signs of ending prematurely, despite several rounds of sanctions against Russia, such as arms supplies to Ukraine.


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