The University of Oradea has awarded its professors who have the right …

During the XXXII edition of Science Week, the University of Oradea lists professors who have received the ability to coordinate doctoral research over the past five years.

The list includes 49 names, including the Minister of European Funds Marcel Bolosh.

Research excellence

The festive event took place on Thursday in the conference hall of the university library, the academic institution said in a statement.

Rector Konstantin Bungaou explained to those present that in the previous days of the “Scientific Week” the teachers were awarded with very good results in their field of activity, adding that this time the university administration decided to honor them. on whom the future of academic research in Oradea greatly depends. ”

For her part, Vice Rector Sanda Philip emphasized the fact that the celebration was “an event dedicated to promoting research excellence, highlighting the concerns of all members of our academic community in this area of ​​activity.”

“10 million euros are endangered.”

Bungau reminded the audience that 32 years ago the Oradea Institute received university status, this event is marked by a series of events dedicated to scientific research. “You carry out your research in the fields you present. “You have to train young people who, in turn, contribute to the development of scientific research at the University of Oradea,” said the rector.

He emphasized that the administration headed by him seeks to get as much money as possible for research, supports relevant scientific publications, tries to allocate money from its own budget for the development of this field.

The rector also announced that the institution is part of the European alliance of universities, which aims to attract as much money as possible for research activities. “10 million euros are at stake,” Bungaou told his colleagues. “You are the vector of Oradea University’s relationship with partner universities in this project.”

More and more doctoral fields

The University of Oradea has 16 accredited doctoral research disciplines, nine more than eight years ago, according to Bungău. The rector urged his colleagues to establish new spheres.

“Five years ago I awarded 17 colleagues who received the title of doctor, today we award 47. “Congratulations, I want to tell you that I am very proud of that,” said the rector.

“Long live, flourish, grow,” exclaimed Orada University Senate Rector John Sharka. “I am glad to be able to express my gratitude for your research work. “Go ahead and prepare the young people of the next generations who consider you an example,” he said.

Vice-rector Philip also said that the university intends to join the selected club of entrepreneurial-innovative universities. “Modern science and research parks dedicated to research and innovation, which will appear in Oradea with the support of the district council and the municipality of Oradea, will fundamentally change the activities of the university,” said Sanda Philip.

The youngest is 36 years old

Bungău և Țarcă personally presented the certificates of appreciation to the teachers in the auditorium for their research contributions to the University of Oradea.

Among the winners was Marcel Bolosh, Minister of European Investments and Projects, who received the right to coordinate doctoral theses in the field of finance. Due to the ministerial agenda, Bolosh could not participate in the event.

Ramona Simut, a 36-year-old associate professor of business administration, is the youngest university professor in Oradea to pursue a doctorate. The dean of the award was 67-year-old teacher, Orthodox priest Dumitru Meleshan.

List of qualified lecturers at the University of Oradea from 2017 to 2021.

Professor Dr. Abel. Alina Badulescu – Business Management

Professor Habil Daniel Badulescu – Business Administration

Professor Dr. Abel. Olympia Ban – Business Management

Conf. Dr. habil. Dorin Bâc – Business Management

Conf. Dr. habil. Ramona Simuț – Business Management

Professor Dr. Abel. Nicu Cornel Sabău – agronomy

Professor Dr. Abel. Diana Cupşa – Biology

prof. Dr. English Daniela Elena Popescu – Computers և Information Technology

Professor Dr. Abel. Victoria Bogdan – Accounting

prof. Dr. English Marcella Prada – Construction, cadastre արտար architecture

Professor Dr. Abel. Adriana Giurgiu – Economics և International Relations

Professor Dr. Abel. Georgeta banerban – Pharmacy

Professor Dr. Abel. Eleanor Maria – Pharmacy

Professor Dr. Annamaria Pallag – Pharmacy

Professor Dr. habilitat Mirela Țiț – Pharmacy:

Professor Dr. Abel. Tunde Jurca – Pharmacy

Conf. Dr. habil. Nemet Tiberiu Sebastian – Pharmacy

Conf. Dr. habil. Bănică Florin – Pharmacy

Conf. Dr. habil. Sorin Borza – Philosophy

Professor Dr. Abel. Diana Sabău Popa – Finance:

Professor Dr. Abel. Marcel Bolosh – Finance

Professor Dr. Abel. Loredana Marcu – Physics

Professor Dr. Abel. Mircea Ioan Gordan – Electrical engineering

Professor Dr. Abel. Francisc Ioan Hathazi – Electrical engineering

prof. Dr. English Christian Grava – Electronic Engineering, Telecommunications և Information Technology

Conf. Dr. habil. Petru Adrian Pop – Industrial Engineering

Lekt. Dr. Abel. Stelian Nistor – Geodetic Engineering

Professor Dr. Abel. Madela Abruda – Management

Professor Dr. Abel. Mircea Balaj – Mathematics

Conf. Dr. habil. Georgia Oros – Mathematics

Conf. Dr. habil. Catalin Babesh – Medicine

Professor Dr. Abel. Camelia Buhaş – Medicine

Professor Dr. Abel. Lucia Daina – Medicine

Professor Dr. Abel. Mihai Juncar – Medicine

Professor Dr. Abel. Mariana Mureshan – Medicine

Professor Dr. Abel. Ovidiu Laurean Pop – Medicine

Professor Dr. Abel. Ovidiu Frățilă – Medicine

Professor Dr. Abel. Claudia Jurcă – Medicine

Professor Dr. Abel. Dana Zaha – Medicine

Professor Dr. Abel. Aurel George Mohan – Medicine

Professor Dr. Abel. Cristian Rațiu – Dentistry

Professor Dr. Abel. Anka Porumb – Dentistry

Professor Dr. Abel. Ligia Vaida – Dentistry

Professor Dr. Abel. Mirela Țârc – Music:

Professor Dr. Abel. Adrian Ioan Timofte – Forestry

Conf. Dr. habil. Claudia Bacteria – Sociology

Conf. Dr. habil. Miron Erdey – Theology

Professor Dr. Abel. Marius Shepele – Theology

Professor Dr. Abel. Dumitru Megheshan (retired) – Theology

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