The strangest recipes you can try. Snake soup, blood pudding or live frog are considered to be real delicacies

The strangest recipes. We are very different, we have different habits and tastes, depending on where we were born, our culture. It is no secret that in China people eat dog meat or Muslims reject pork for religious reasons. But the list of weird foods is much longer. To give you an idea, here are some weird recipes you’ve never heard of.

Snake soup

The strangest recipes. Yes, you heard right. Snake soup is often used in China, especially in Vietnam. It is considered to be a real delicacy. It is cooked from snake meat and bones, which is cooked for several hours, and then all kinds of ingredients are added, be it mushrooms, ginger, chrysanthemum, etc. Chinese doctors say that this preparation is very healthy, they even recommend it to patients.

Jumiles insects

Jumiles insects measure less than one inch and live under forest logs. They are part of the daily diet of people in Mexico, especially in the south. These insects are high in iodine, contain B2 և B3 vitamins և can be eaten raw or used in salsa և served with corn tortilla. These insects are usually sold live, but they die while making salsa sauce.

Rotten fish head

Fish lovers are also big fans of this dish. It is a well-known delicacy in Alaska, where the head of the royal salmon is placed in a plastic bag or in a wooden barrel and left for natural fermentation. People eat the rotten head of sleep. Scientists are still conducting research to determine the dangers posed by fish eaters in this way.

Cobra heart

Cobra heart մեկ is a dish for the brave. The cobra splits in front of you, the vibrating cobra blood is offered to your heart. After placing the heart on the plate, it continues to beat for a while. The heartbeat is felt in the throat. This dish is very popular in Vietnam, where snake eating is associated with abundance.

Blood pudding

It is often eaten for breakfast. And you may not believe it, but it is a dish that is also popular among Europeans, many people in Spain use it. It is also known in Kenya and Asia. In some parts it is called blood pudding, in some parts – pudding, blood sausage or bloody sausage. It is made from the blood of animals, pigs, sheep, goats, cows and oatmeal.

Meat of monkeys, bats, rats

In Africa, especially in the West, meat is eaten by wild animals such as monkeys, chimpanzees, gorillas, rats and bats. Ebola is thought to have originated from such meat. Researchers believe that this meat is the source from which the disease was immediately transmitted to the human body. Africans follow their traditions and use this dish. The villagers think that it is a delicacy միակ the only available source of protein, and other sources are expensive for them.

Live frog

Sashim frog is a dish served in Asadachi restaurants in Japan, և only a few restaurants around the world still serve this unique dish. In the restaurant, the chef puts a live frog in front of you, “takes out his heart with a knife”. It is served on ice with soy sauce and lemon slices. There is controversy over this dish. More than 5,000 people have petitioned to stop serving this food because eating live animals is against the law.

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