The best leurd soup. An ideal recipe for the spring season

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Spring dishes are healthy and delicious, so we can easily make the best sour soup. Either we prepare it with the recipe of Lent, or we add a delicious soup և a little smoked meat for a special taste, this culinary preparation is easy և very tasty. When we want to energize our body with a healthy and nutritious food after the cold season, we can enjoy the taste of home-made soup very quickly. Here is the ideal recipe for the spring season.

In the spring season, more and more people choose light dishes with lots of fresh greens and vegetables. The dishes of the hot season are nutritious and healthy. Housewives compete in all sorts of unique, easy-to-prepare recipes. In addition to lemongrass, which is rich in vitamins and nutrients, spinach is also good for the body. That’s why, with food restrictions, women make lenten spinach soup more and more days.

The nettle is on the spring table. Either we cook them in a delicious soup, or we put them in a delicious rice dish, they are healthy և they stimulate the growth of immunity after the cold season.

Nettle, spinach and lychee dishes are the most popular dishes for many of us in the spring season. They are a rich source of vitamins, and the prepared food is always delicious and healthy.

To make a delicious Leurd soup at home, we need several ingredients, և in the end we will get a delicious և nutritious meal.

An ideal culinary recipe for the spring season

Delicious and fragrant sour soup is very easy to make at home. Therefore, housewives prefer to cook this dish as long as fresh lentils appear in the spring season.

For this delicious soup made according to Grandma’s traditional recipe, we need 500 g of fresh lyud, 200 g of smoked bacon, 2 cloves of garlic, salt and pepper, 3 liters of water, 250 g of cream or yogurt, 2 eggs. yolks և 2 tablespoons flour. At the end, the soup can be served with some polenta sausages.

First, smoked bacon is made. It is cut into small pieces and melted in a saucepan until it becomes a piece. Add 2 cloves of garlic to the pan to add flavor to the jam, then add 3 liters of hot water.

During that time the leyrda is being prepared. They are washed, cut into small pieces and boiled in hot water for frying, then put in a pot. Bring to the boil until the ley has changed its color a little, and the soup will also take on a different color. Pour a few tablespoons of hot soup into a bowl, then add two tablespoons of flour and mix well. After mixing, put the mass in the soup on the fire.

The composition of the cream is prepared to make a delicious sour soup. Mix the yolks with the cream in a bowl, dilute two or three tablespoons of hot soup. After mixing well, add the composition to the leurd soup.

If we want to add flavor at the end, after removing the soup from the heat we can add a little chopped lard. Of course, your soup will be delicious to everyone’s heart.

Leurdă soup is served with hot or cold polenta or a few slices of homemade bread.

Leurd soup is delicious, healthy և easy to prepare. This is ideal for the spring season, և if we take into account a few simple tricks, we can turn a simple soup recipe into a real culinary show, BZI writes.

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