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As for desserts, housewives make the best Easter cakes. Many of us love delicious homemade cakes filled with fluffy shirts or chocolate cream and fruit. In addition to the traditional cake, delicious and fragrant cakes should not be missing during the Easter dinner. Here are some unique recipes և simple tricks for an irresistible dessert.

Delicious Easter cakes

The housewives make delicious։ delicious cakes for Easter. Cake recipes are varied և to everyone’s liking. Chocolate cream cakes with puff pastry are ideal for chocolate lovers, and for those who like traditional desserts, homemade croissants with pork fat, borscht or some delicate cookies made by Grandma are perfect.

There should be no nutella cake on the table, which the children adored with its unique aroma “fluffy top”. For the most demanding we can prepare a delicious Rumba cake – a delicate dessert with a unique look.

Easter cakes can be prepared according to the preferences of the guests, and if we take into account some unique tricks and recipes, we will surely beat the guests with irresistible desserts.

From the simplest homemade cake recipes to the finest imperial cake, the options are varied to everyone’s liking. To make delicious և delicious homemade cakes, we need quality ingredients, patience և extra imagination, և in the end we will have everyone’s appreciation around the table.

The perfect homemade dessert recipe for holiday meals

The traditional fluffy cake should not be missing from the Easter table, but not the delicious Easter. In addition to traditional dishes, there are also delicious cakes. Many of us like walnuts filled with chocolate cream.

To make them we will need 4 eggs, 200 g sugar, 200 g butter, 800 g quality flour, one bag of ammonia, 2 teaspoons vanilla essence և salt. We will make walnut dough with these ingredients. For the cream we will use 300 g butter, cocoa, 150 g chocolate, 8 tablespoons of milk, 8 tablespoons of powdered sugar, rum essence, 2 egg yolks և 5 tablespoons of ground walnuts.

First we make the walnut dough filled with chocolate. Mix the eggs with the salt powder, then add the sugar, mix until it melts, and a homogeneous and foamy composition is obtained. Then add butter, quenched ammonia with a little lemon juice, then add vanilla essence.

Once the ingredients are homogeneous, gradually add the flour, start kneading the dough until it becomes elastic, easy to form. We make balls from the dough, put them in the form of well-heated walnuts, then bake them on a low heat. As soon as the nuts are ready, let them cool.

Meanwhile, prepare the cream that will fill the nuts. Mix butter with sugar. Then add the melted chocolate and the yolks, mix until you get a homogeneous composition. At the end, add rum essence for extra taste, a little cocoa, 8 tablespoons of milk ացած ground walnuts, then mix well. The cream is given a little cold, then we fill the walnuts with chocolate cream with a teaspoon, in two or two glues. At the end, the stuffed walnuts can be lightly powdered with vanilla sugar.

This dessert, of course, will captivate those on the table, being delicious and easy to prepare. Cream or fruit cakes are among the favorites. Depending on the guests և wishes, we can make the best Easter cakes at home.

Delicious and fragrant homemade cakes should not be missing from the Easter table, except for traditional dishes. The dessert recipes are varied and impressive, և if we take into account a few tricks, we will win the guests with delicate desserts.

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