Students will no longer take tests on paper, the classic board and sponge will disappear. The statement of the Minister of Education and Science

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As technology evolves day by day, the school also has to implement new things so that students can get an education and go to school.

Good news for students. They will not be tested on paper anymore, the classic boards will disappear

The Minister of Education Sorin Jimpeanu stated that he wants the exams and tests on paper to disappear, to be replaced by keys and touch screens.

At the same time, they want the classic whiteboards to be replaced by smart, interactive whiteboards that can have more functions to engage the younger generation.

“At the hardware level, a serious reform will be the replacement of the sheet, the famous sheet, Mr. Rose. It is a tool that has influenced everyone’s education, but it is a tool that no longer appeals to the younger generation. All classic whiteboards will be replaced by smart interactive whiteboards. This is the first step. “said Sorin Jimbianu.

The Minister of Education also mentions that teachers will have no choice but to use the market on an interactive whiteboard if they do not have digital competence.

“And those teachers who do not have highly developed digital skills should do something other than write with markers on an interactive blackboard, as they write with chalk on a classic blackboard. Of course, it can be deleted, but the advantage is that each student can save their lesson in real time, on a laptop, phone, any device, including students who for some reason can not attend classes.He says.

At the same time, teachers will be able to present the lesson in a much more interesting way through interactive whiteboards.

Students will be much more attractive to learn

They will be able to arouse the interest of students who are already familiar with the digital age and have a smartphone from the first years of life.

So far, only a few schools in Romania have such interactive whiteboards, but it is desirable that the classic blackboard and sponge become history in all educational institutions.

The second step, with such a tool in front of you և, you as a teacher can illustrate a simple search, a search engine for certain topics և they will be presented to students in a more attractive way. This is a way to get students interested in school, to transform the teacher from his or her classic role, he / she was very good for those times, as a facilitator, a guide from countless sources of information on the Internet. We will recommend resources that are reliable and effective for the benefit of the students so that we can all acquire the skills we want. ”Sorin Jimbianu also said.

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