Statement by the organizers of Roland Garros after the rocket fired by Irina Begou, which hit a child

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The organizers of Roland Garros have stated why Irina Begou was not disqualified

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The match was interrupted for a few minutes after the second game of the decisive set, because there was a child in the stands. hit by Irina Begou’s rocket.

Anxious, our athlete hit the ground rocket, it jumped from the field to the child.

Ekaterina Alexandrova demanded disqualification to the opponent, but it did not happen, վերջ finally the organizers gave explanations. The parents had a decisive role in the decision made by the supervisor, after he was told that their son had just been removed from the rocket, that he was crying out of fear.

“After losing her job (0-2 in the 3rd set), on her way to her bench, Irina Camelia Begou hit the ground rocket near the bench, it jumped in the spectator area. The rocket landed in the stands and wiped out the young audience. .

At first, after being scared, the audience turned out to be fine. The manager of the big helmet talked to the parents who were with their son, and they confirmed that he was safe. According to the procedure, the player was warned for unsportsmanlike behavior. “ It is said in the message spread by Roland Garros.

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PHOTO What Irina Begun did after a child was hit by a rocket in Roland Garros

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After the last point of the game, which was won in two hours and 38 minutes, Irina Begou went straight to the child who was hit by her rocket, and her parents assured her that her gesture had no effect.

Irina Begu also wanted to fill in a certain amount compared to the child, took him in her arms, took a photo with a young supporter.

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