Russia is already violating the agreement with McDonald’s / the statement of the mayor of Moscow

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin announced on Thursday that the authorities of the Russian capital will support the reopening of McDonald’s restaurants with a new Russian brand, that their menu will remain the same, which violates the contract with the American company.

McDonald’s Restaurant in RussiaPhoto by Alexander NEMENOV / AFP / Profimedia

“The chain of affordable restaurants will continue to operate and grow. “With the support of the Moscow government, the new Russian owner will maintain the existing network of fast food stores, the workforce, the regular menu, the service standards,” Sobyanin was quoted as saying by Interfax.

The mayor of Moscow noted that the departure of McDonald’s from Moscow was assessed by the American company as a “huge loss, disaster.”

“It turned out that 95% or even 98% of all products are Russian products, Russian technologies (…) just need to collect them, package them and sell them properly,” he told the employees of the restaurant chain. .

The new Russian network is banned from using McDonald’s menus

McDonald’s announced in mid-May that it was leaving Russia for good after it closed temporarily on March 8 and closed all restaurants in the country in protest of the Ukraine war.

The American company continued to pay its employees in Russia during the period when the restaurants were closed.

The sale contract to the Russian businessman who took over the assets belonging to McDonald’s in Russia stipulates that the new brand will not be able to use the name of the American company, the logo, but also the menu.

In fact, the iconic McDonald’s “M” logos have been removed in Russia.

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