Quantum teleportation, a step towards the future of the Internet. Discoveries as a result of a new experiment

Scientists They have taken another step towards the Internet of the future. They have improved the capabilities of computers send quantum information other remote computers, a process that is considered “data transmission”, reports the New York Times.

D:in: Santa Barbara, California, till! in: In the Chinese city of Hefei, scientists are developing a new type of computer that can do this the look of current computers some toys.

Exercise of powers yet: mysteries of quantum mechanics nine technology:e: will do what in: only: a few minutes things which is not even supercomputers he could not do it in a few thousands of years. In the fall of 2019, Google introduced the experimental quantum computer, which shows that it is possible. Two years later the Chinese laboratory did similar test.

But quantum computing will not reach its potential without further advances in technology. We can tell him “Quantum Internet” – a computer network that can send quantum information through computers away.

At Delft University of Technology Netherlands:The team of physicists took a step back It is possible to: This computer network of the future uses a technique called quantum teleportation to send data to three physical locations. Previously, it was possible only with two.

New experience seems to prove it that scientists can expand the quantum network by increasing numbers computers.

«We are now building small quantum networks in the laboratory. But the idea is to build a quantum Internet in the end» said Ronald Hanson, a Delft-based physicist who to lead the project.

The survey was released this week through:An article in the journal Nature shows the power of a phenomenon that Albert Einstein once considered impossible. Quantum teleportation. what he called “action strange remote “- can transmit information between locations without actually moving physical material.

This technology can change essential how data flows from one place to another. It is based on more than a century of research that includes quantum mechanics, a field of physics that governs the subatomic domain, behaving differently from what we feel in our daily lives. Quantum teleportation not only transmits data between quantum computers, but also does so so that no one can eavesdrop.

“It simply came to our notice then a quantum computer can solve a Problem:complicatedbut he does not know what the problem is. Things n:Do you work like this today? “Google knows what you’re working on on its servers,” said Tracey Eleanor Northup, a researcher at the University of Innsbruck Institute for Experimental Physics.

Quantum computers use strange patterns of behavior in some objects, whether they are very small (such as an electron or a particle of light) or very cold (like an exotic metal that freezes to zero or minus 460 degrees Fahrenheit). In these situations, one object can behave like two objects otherwise at the same time.

Traditional computers perform calculations by processing “bits” of information, each bit being: 1: or: 0. Using the odd behavior of quantum mechanics, a quantum bit or qubit can hold a combination of 1: 0. This means that two qubits can contain four values ​​at a time, three qubits can contain eight, and four can contain four. 16, և etc., far away. As the number of qubits increases, the quantum computer becomes exponentially more powerful.

Researchers believe that these devices could one day accelerate the development of new drugs, promote artificial intelligence և completely change the encoding which protects computers vital to national security. Governments, scientists, start-ups, tech giants spend billions of dollars around the world studying This one technology:e:.

In 2019, Google announced this his computer he has achieved what scientists call “quantum dominance”, which means that it can perform an experimental task that was impossible. for traditional computers. But most experts believe that it will take several years, at least, for a quantum computer to be able to do something useful that cannot be done by today’s computers.

But: Quantum information simply cannot be copied և sent over a traditional network. Quantum teleportation offers an alternative. Or it may not be able to move objects from one place to another, it can move information to its advantage Quantum: named “indivisibilityA change in the state of a quantum system instantly affects the state of another at a distance.

“Then indivisibilityYou can not do anything elsem: describes these states separately. In principle, it is now a unified system» from: clearly Dr. Nortap.

These intertwined systems can be electrons, particles of light, or other objects.

When the data is moving in this way, without actually crossing the node distance, no they can be lost. “Information can be entered on one side of the connection and then appear on the other,” said Dr. Hanson.

In addition, the information can not be overheard. The future of quantum internet powered by quantum teleportation may offer a new type of encryption that: theoretically it can not be broken.

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