Public services for the 21st century with the help of technology

Technology is more and more in our lives, but its use is very unequal. There is a big gap between ordinary people և the adoption of new technologies by companies or governments և.

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80.8% of Romanian households have access to the Internet, and about 60% of Romanians order goods and services online. More than 76% of Romanians communicate via video calls, առնվազն at least half of employees use productivity applications. Not long ago, one of our well-known banks announced that 15% of POS payments are made by phone. At the same time, 3 of the Romanian state institutions – the parliament, the government – the main municipality of the capital, consumed about 87 tons of paper together last year alone. It is clear that the use of electronic services in the public administration system is a minority.

Technology changes people’s behaviors and expectations, it forces companies և governments to make changes, they need to be more agile, they need to be more attentive to what people want, they need to have a better experience with public services.

Smart digital services infrastructure

Accelerated urbanization բոլոր All the challenges of modern society put pressure on government agencies to find solutions to the needs of citizens, but at the same time use sustainable resources that do not grow at the same rate as needs. The answer, of course, comes from digitalization. The use of new technologies will not only increase the quality of public services, but will also increase the population’s access to those services.

Dynamic DOX is a digitalization solution that covers all the operational needs of the organization. computerization of internal processes work, management document flows և: data management. The platform is addressed to public institutions, agencies, departments – all types of government organizations, as well as private companies, which require easy solutions for optimal cooperation between internal business, departments, better management of public relations. The Dynamic DOX platform has a three-dimensional design: an online portal for interaction with the external community, an application used for internal processes within the organization, an administrative application used to configure electronic forms, workflows, data structures, and other special settings.

Online portal of public services

We did everything online, from shopping and ordering to banking, school, work or entertainment. It is normal when we want these digital solutions to go beyond our privacy և to be able to solve our cases with the state online. The Dynamic DOX online portal was created on the basis of this, to facilitate communication between citizens “institutions” for faster resolution of inquiries received.

With the help of: electronic horses citizens can fill in և send online applications for issuing permits, certificates, notices, certificates և other official documents. After solving the inquiries, the citizens will receive the answer և the required documents by e-mail or in the account on the platform. All without going to the head office of the institution վելու limited to the program with the public. Public services are available non-stop from anywhere, at home or at work, regardless of device, computer, laptop, phone or tablet. At the same time, public institutions are relieved of the great hassle of communicating with citizens; they can use the time saved in other activities that add value to citizens.

Low password. Available immediately without software development

Dynamic DOX is a low-code, easy-to-use, easy-to-use solution that requires no installation or special hardware requirements. The platform is available from a standard web browser: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge or whatever the user prefers. Once implemented, users can easily configure it as well without the need for digital skills progressive. The user has a number to configure the platform Intuitive working tools, drag and drop techniques, predefined elements, Word document templates, familiar Excel formulas that offer complete autonomy to the user. Workflows or horses, regardless of complexity, can be created or modified as needed with just a few clicks, even by the user. This eliminates the need for software development team or external technical support, which means significant cost savings – a lot of time savings.

Information security guarantee

Cloud technology is very effective in combating security risks, և Dynamic DOX can be implemented in both. cloud:as well as on the territory, for complex scenarios where such a requirement is possible. The cloud version has a great advantage in terms of data security, providing a secure environment for data storage, processing or any type of operation. In addition, we are talking about increasing mobility, as the platform is accessible from any device և helps to significantly reduce hardware և software costs.

Dynamic DOX is a Romanian product developed by Essensys Software. Essensys is a premium provider of software solutions and services with over 17 years of experience, both domestically and internationally. In addition to the Internet, cloud: mobile, the company’s portfolio also includes GIS services. A strategic combination of technical skills that gives us a privileged position in the market, being one of the few software providers that can offer integrated solutions that include mobile, cloud և GIS applications.

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