PHOTO. New gym in “Avram Yanku” high school of Alba Iulia. The municipality handed over the website. When will it happen?

The municipality of Alba Iulia on Friday, May 27, handed over the construction site of a new gym at the Avram Yanku Gymnasium School, Ferdinand I Boulevard, h. 34, financed by the National Investment Company (CNI).

According to Mayor Gabriel Plesha, the design period is one month, and the execution period is 6 months.

The land on which the gym is to be built has an area of ​​1158 square meters, and the building will occupy 388 square meters.

The total cost of technical assistance from the designer in the design and execution of the work is more than 2 million lei, excluding VAT.

The room will be used on a non-permanent basis, mainly during classes. The room can be used by a group of 30 students (class). If both groups take consecutive physical education classes, the second locker room will be used by the class to start the lesson so that it does not intersect with the students in the locker room after the previous lesson.

The building will contain: grounds for corporal punishment, approximately 9 x 18 meters in size. The field can not be divided into smaller fields; it is not intended for ball sports, for running in general, except for physical exercises under the supervision of a teacher.

The hall will have two groups wardrobes With student toilets and showers, divided 50% – 50% for boys և for girls.

Each dressing room contains two dressing rooms, approximately 15 square meters in size, for situations where two classrooms use the room in turn.

Wardrobes will be separated from the bathroom և bathrooms. The dressing rooms will have continuous benches with wooden benches and metal structure. No cabinets will be installed, clothes will be hung on a hanger above each place.

There are no toilets attached to the hall. During the program, students will use the cloakroom baths.

Area for teachers (bathrooms, dressing room / office) is arranged on the floor, in the classroom, thus separating it from the students’ areas. The office has a direct view of the room, which allows teachers to supervise classroom and office activities.

Storage of sports equipment It is located on the ground floor, with direct entrance from the hall. Double doors are designed for larger sports equipment. To bring home appliances into the room, the owner of the second door will open from the secondary entrance or from the wind.

The provided dimensions can be stored: folding ping-pong tables, mattresses (either lined or rolled), light service equipment, trampolines, goats, etc.

Small items such as medical balls, shovels, ping-pong balls, extenders, etc. will be stored on shelves attached to one of the walls.

medical office It is also located on the ground floor, with a direct entrance from the gym. The closet will have a sink, a bed of 90 x 2.10 meters, as well as a wardrobe, a chair and a table for teachers / medical staff.

For security reasons, thermal power plant It was located at one end of the building, practically outside. The room with an area of ​​12.50 square meters can accommodate the expected station with a capacity of 80 kW.

The boiler is available only from outside the building, from the service entrance area. The boiler is provided with glass, which corresponds to the minimum conditions of the explosion surface.

Indoor areas

  • playground – 170 sq.m.
  • sports equipment warehouse – 14.50 square meters
  • Medical office – 12.40 square meters
  • Distribution corridor – 29.40 square meters
  • Entrance wind – 3.80 square meters
  • area entrance level – 8.00 square meters
  • Boys’ wardrobe 1 – 15,13 sq.m.
  • Boys’ wardrobe 2 – 15.10 sq.m.
  • Girls’ wardrobe 1 – 14.70 square meters
  • Girls’ wardrobe 2 – 14.70 square meters
  • Boys’ showers – 5.60 square meters
  • Girls’ showers – 5.55 square meters
  • Boys’ bathroom – 6.20 square meters
  • Girls’ bathroom – 6.20 square meters
  • Boys washing machine – 7.60 square meters
  • Girl washing machine – 7.60 square meters
  • Teacher’s office / cloakroom – 13.10 sq.m.
  • Teacher health group – 4.80 square meters
  • Teacher shower – 1.80 sq.m.
  • free space – 6.20 square meters
  • Thermal power plant: 12.20 square meters

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