(P) Htss invests € 5.5 million in international development

Romania’s successful business model, already in place in 11 Central and Western European countries, htss, which specializes in providing business software services, has offered accelerated expansion to international markets for the next period, for which it is operational. has allocated 5.5 million euros for investments.

At the end of 2021 with a turnover of 27.7 million euros, the company intends to start working with various players in the profile markets, especially in northern Europe, where, according to htss, they have found real growth opportunities.

htss aims to increase the number of employees by 50%.

As for the plans for the next two years, HTSS CEO Bogdan Dumitrescu has announced plans to increase the team by 50% from 400 to 600 employees, which will give the company the strength it needs to carry out increasingly complex projects. Expand its presence geographically, as well as its range of cloud a SaaS (Software as a Service) products. Of the 5.5 million euros earmarked for investment, 4.6 million is earmarked for the development of own products.

“We invest a lot of money in team training, it’s directly reflected in our ability to innovate. “We have an IT academy that we use for internal purposes, which helps us to quickly master the latest technologies, such as machine learning, artificial intelligence or blockchain, technologies that we can later use to develop our new products.” says htss CEO Bogdan Dumitrescu.

Here’s how htss decided to address the growing need for quality human resources in the IT industry. htss invests in employee training: motivation. Attractive work environment, market-level pay packages մշտ Constant concern to maintain a competitive spirit in the team ensure the maintenance of an optimal level of human resources in the company.

Who is htss?

High-Tech Systems & Software (htss) is an ICT company that specializes in providing business software solutions. Founded in 2012, htss has rapidly expanded its customer portfolio with a focus on innovation, fast support quality. Htss products help simplify complex workflows, so in a short time htss launches software products in 11 countries, such as: Pharmacy – Pharmacy Management Software; telemedicine – telemedicine solution; omnimedica – software solution for clinics and hospitals; shiftin – automatic shift planning software, or mindclass – e-learning platform.

The company’s ever-growing portfolio has already crossed the threshold of 1000 customers, and the forecasts of HTSS representatives for the next period are happy.

“We are motivated to accelerate our growth in the coming years, our products are in high demand in the areas they target, whether we are in healthcare, retail, logistics or finance.”adds Bogdan Dumitrescu.

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