Oradea, on the world map of the most revolutionary medical technologies.

Brilliant thinkers working in the field of artificial intelligence, medical equipment առաջ leading software companies, researchers և entrepreneurs, doctors և interested students from all over the world will take part in the first Oradea event this fall. The lobby of one of the most successful citizens of Oradea, the famous George Haber, the “father” of DVDs and IT entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley. It is about the “School of Medical Technologies” SSIMA, scheduled for September 5-9, in which three of the organizers present the goals and benefits of the event.

Recent innovations:

As Hosts: Provincial Hospital Manager Dr. George Carp և Oradea City Manager Mihai Zurkan Elena Ovreuu Founder և Organizer, Two Key Information Researchers at George Haber ունեցած When is the most important scientific event organized?

SSIMA made its debut in Romania in 2015, when Elena Ovreyu, a medical engineering specialist and lecturer at the Bucharest Polytechnic, decided to return to the country after foreign specializations to help develop digitalization և computerization in healthcare, combining medicine and technology. . “We wanted to bring to Romania companies that do more than just sell and develop. We wanted to put Romania on the world map in this field of medical technology,” said Ovreu, who works with Professor Alfred Bruckstein, a native of Sighetu Marmației. is: Computer Science Researcher, Institute of Technology, Israel Technion University.

The 2022 release of SSIMA in Oradea will be the first after the physical epidemic, and the previous one will take place in 2019. և will gather researchers, medical equipment from leading companies (such as Siemens or Phillips) in the field of colonoscopy, robotic surgery, medical imaging կառավարման emergency medical care management.

“In fact, we will present the future of medicine.”

“All good things are done on the basis of friends, concerns, and common interests,” said Professor Alfred Bruckenstein, explaining that after meeting with Elena Ovreu, he persuaded many friends from TechMed to come to Romania to represent their medical work. which he described as an “important event at SSIMA, attended by people from all over the world”, in fact, represents the future of medicine. Bruckenstein said that SSIMA arrived in Oradea this year because of his friendship with George Haber from Oradea, who at the age of 19 emigrated first to Israel, where he studied in Haifa, and then to the United States, where he settled in Silicon Valley, Mecca. is the creator of the IT mogul solution that allowed DVD development.

“I’m focused on entrepreneurship, (no, by the way) “How can small companies with big ideas change the world, make it better? This is the part I want to help inspire young people in both software and medicine,” said George Haber. are representatives of IM start at SSIMA. – Develop businesses that have offers at MedTech և, as such, deserve support to grow. “There is no better field that can be automated than medicine, in dozens of ways, especially since artificial intelligence can help doctors who work 20 hours a day’s overloaded to avoid mistakes,” he added.

He said that he is very proud of his Oradea origin, praises the city, the local government, assuming that it is worth hosting SSIMA 2022, that look and work. “I want to thank Mr. Boloyan, the current mayor, for saving them. From the Oradea devastation that post-communism created in many other cities. They kept it clean, beautiful, և it seems. “Oradian remained the only major city left undeveloped.”

200 hours of ideas

SSIMA 2022 will be held in Oradea for five days, from September 5 to 9, each with an 8-hour daily schedule, “morning-evening performances and classes,” according to Elena Ovreu, three of which will be dedicated to mixed care, which consists of technology ներից From medical specialists. “It will not be a simple conference where ideas will be presented, but participants will even have the opportunity to learn,” Ovreu said, noting that the event is the only one organized with the support of the International Association for Southeast Europe. Medical specialists ..

People who are interested in participating in SSIMA 2022, whether they are doctors or ITMs concerned at TechMed, should know that they can only do so if they are fluent in English by registering on the event website ( ssima.eu) where needed. Demonstrate their skills and qualifications with a CV նամ letter of intent, organizers have the right to select participants.

Those who wish must pay the participation fee, but the people whose CVs will convince them will be able to use discounts, even scholarships, if they do not have the financial means to cover their own expenses.

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