Mirel Rado, who was asked by the head of the club in Ligue 1. “People are afraid to contact him.”

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The technician was evaluated by most of the supporters, both for his youth and senior team work, but at the moment there was no club in Ligue 1 that would persuade him to return to the bench.

Danny Coman wants Mirel Rado back on the bench

Hermannstadt president Danny Coman, a possible future CFR Cluj official, has only praised former coach Mirel Rado, whom he sees as an excellent option for any first division club.

“If I were a manager, had money, had stability, set big goals, Mirel Rado would be the first coach I would hire. We have always been adversaries and now we are friends. We meet, we have before. teammates in the national team.

To me, Rado is a boy by nature, the future great coach of Romania. I liked very much how football thinks about the national team, but the national team means something else.

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For the club team, he would put into practice the mindset he has, the vision he has of football. He will work every day. I do not think he is very ambitious, I think the leaders are afraid to contact him.

“As much as he loves football, if I were in a club with financial stability and bold goals, he would be the first coach I would like.” said Danny Coman, reports Playsport.

Mirel Rado does not want to hear from FCSB about his return

When asked if there was a chance of returning to the FCSB, Mirel Rado was rude.

»I do not think so, I tell you why, it was already an episode that did not end well between me and my godfather, it was the time when we did not talk to each other, I do not want anything else. Because I too have grown old and from time to time we do not have to reconcile.

At this point, it’s better to see each other on their own, plus the godfather likes to mingle … I really do not agree with that.

I hope to get a team this summer. I was constantly hesitating to take teams that still had matches to play, I want to take everything from scratch. Now I hope that it was not wrong for me to refuse, I had no other offers in the summer.“, – explained Mirel Rado, who was present at the charity event a month ago.

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