Mercedes-Benz introduces Level 3 autonomous driving technology in EQS և S class models

The Germans of Mercedes-Benz have announced that the electric EQS ​​և S-Class sedan will be offered with Drive Pilot system. This is a level 3 autonomous technology in Germany. Both models can be ordered with this system from May 17.

The new Driver Pilot system in Germany costs from 5000 euros

At the end of last year, Mercedes-Benz became the first manufacturer to receive a license to use Level 3 autonomous technology. Thus, the German luxury carmaker announces that this new version will be available in both S-Class and EQS from May 17.

Customers who buy the flagship from Stuttgart will also be able to order this option for 5,000 euros. At the same time, the technology will be available on the all-electric EQS ​​model, but in this case the price is 7430 euros. That’s because you have to buy “Driver Assistance Plus”, which adds 2430 euros.

It should be noted that level 3 autonomy does not mean that the vehicle will be 100% autonomous. The “Drive Pilot” system uses LiDAR radar, various sensors and cameras to receive information from the navigation system. At the same time, the technology has a microphone that detects ambulances and police and fire trucks.

The system only operates at speeds up to 60 km / h. Under these conditions, the driver can “disconnect” from driving, և the system will control the speed, direction և distance of other vehicles in traffic. In addition, the system can respond quickly and efficiently in extreme situations to avoid accidents.

Thus, the driver will be able to perform other long-distance activities, such as watching a movie with the information system or using a mobile phone.

As soon as a danger is detected, the driver is warned that he must drive the car. If it does not respond within 10 seconds, the system will stop the car safely.

By the end of this year, Mercedes-Benz also intends to get approval for the US states of California and N’Jada.

Source: Mercedes-Benz

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