Leurd cream soup is the simplest recipe

To keep or not to keep? Tempted or not? I know spring is coming երը with the questions. The leurda appears, the ar appears, the swallows appear; there are also dresses, trousers, patterned T-shirts – everything that should happen this season.

So let’s get over the drama, get out of the fridge, stop looking in the mirror, go to the market. The lord appeared, I won. Or I lost. I won this winter too. You can not help but give him a leurd. No normal person would do that.

And he, full of love, will find out, will boil the potatoes and carrots and will keep the water in which they cooked. He will cut the onion well, gently, without fear of soiling his red nails.

He will wash the lord from head to toe and dry it well. Fry the onion in a little butter, then add the carrot and potato and mix well. It looks like he’s holding you in his arms. He looks at her with admiration when he pours a liter of milk into the pot, and then gently throws the ladle, which he will cook, on a low heat for about 10 minutes. He will mix everything well, season with salt and pepper, and invite you to dinner.

Creamy green ladle soup with a delicate garlic flavor will appear on the buds of your taste. I say, you will not be able to live without it this spring. Okay, և without your wife, but this is all about papillae.

It is simple. Strong men go crazy. Stylish women make her soup. It is good, it is spring.

Author: Chef Radu Dumitrescu, www.facebook.com/CooKatar

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