Laura Cosoi’s Pea Cream Soup Recipe. The dish with which you will not fail in the kitchen

  • Laura Cosoi presents you the recipe for pea cream soup
  • Easy way to prepare

She is not only a good actress, but also Laura Koso is a perfect housewife. The star prepares dishes for her family without a prescription, and today she presents us the recipe for pea cream soup.

Peas play a key role in the body’s balance – it lowers the bad cholesterol, which is responsible for heart disease, but it also helps fight diabetes.

Pea cream soup ingredients, Laura Koso recipe

  • 500 grams of fresh or frozen peas
  • 6 branches of mint
  • one liter of vegetable soup or water
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • salt
  • pipette:
  • Mayan bread
  • goat cheese
  • sour cream

Method of preparation:

First, we pour the soup or water with vegetables in a big pot, leave it to boil. After boiling, add the peas and mint and simmer for about ten minutes.

After boiling, transfer the vegetables to a blender or bowl and mix with a little soup. At the end you should get a light cream և keep adding soup until you get the density you want.

When you reach the desired composition, add olive oil, but add salt and pepper, mix until combined.

The recipe is very simple, the taste will be very good. Pea cream soup is served with bread with mayonnaise, as recommended by Laura Koso, but with goat cheese, which you have squeezed or with sour cream, depending on everyone’s preferences.

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