Lamb soup. Chef Florin Dumitrescu’s Easter recipe

Lamb soup, lamb steak, lamb stew, lamb stew. All these recipes are in great demand before Easter.

For those who want to eat lamb soup on Easter, we offer a recipe Lamb soup by chef Florin Dumitrescu.


1 kg of lamb
400 g of potatoes
200 g of celery
200 g of parsley
200 g onion
200 g of carrots
10 g of chime
300 g of yogurt
2 eggs
50 ml of vinegar
1 bunch of green onions
20 g of tarragon
Connecting 2 parsley

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How to make lamb soup
Cut the meat into cubes and cook for 10 minutes in boiling water, then remove from the pan.

Cook all vegetables, except potatoes, in cumin, tarragon and coconut oil.

Add the cooked meat, 5 liters of water and simmer for about 90 minutes.

Add the potatoes when the meat is cooked.

Mix the yolks with yogurt and vinegar, pour a pinch of soup on the beaten yogurt, after turning off the heat, pour the mass into the soup, mixing well.

Put the finely chopped parsley and cover with a lid.

The soup is served hot.

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