“It seems to me the biggest nonsense.” Ilie Dumitrescu opposed him

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At the end of the game, Laurencio Regekampf had a real tirade, in which he expressed his dissatisfaction with the appointment of such a dam for the qualification of the Conference League, which, according to him, the University of Craiova should already have, because. third place in the playoffs.

VIDEO Summing up the meeting between the University of Craiova and Botoshan.

Laurencio Regekampf exploded after the match with “Botoshani”

Laurencio Regekampf also hinted that he had lost to Botoshani. it will seriously endanger his work.

»I try to be polite, I do not know if it makes sense to say, but still. It seems to me the biggest nonsense, because the team, which holds 40 matches, finishes in the 3rd place, it must play such a barrier. Moreover, I was not even in the seventh, but in the eighth place. I play with a team that played for Academica Klinseni’s Mediaș եմ I stay until the last game to get kicked out.

If I lose tonight, I will probably not be the coach of Craiova anymore. This year it happened to us, next year there may be another team. Something happens, կարող you can lose in such a game, you lose everything you worked on in one year.

How does Romanian football help the team in the eighth place, which has no budget, to go to the European Cups? We give them the opportunity to the teams that do not want to play in the European Cups. Okay, make me play with the fourth, fifth, playoff team.

It was very stressful for me and I think it was in vain. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly. They have the opportunity to play in the European Cups, but they do not want to, they do not have a budget, but they made a gift.

The people working for the federation, the league, must meet, they explained. Do something about the performance. Give more money for the seventh place, for the eighth place, so that you do not make such a coincidence. We finished the championship in third place, we deserved this qualification“- said Laurencio Regekampf.

Ili Dumitrescu, however, said that Laurencio Regekampf had no reason to complain, as he knew the rules in advance and could have avoided being classified as a dam. He, the former international major, considers the rules of the Conference League play-offs a “stimulus” for the play-off teams, which increases the competition.

»I do not subscribe to this. The rules are set before the start of the competition. If you find yourself in this situation, you need to accept it. The same goes for half the points. The one who is the first always says that it is an injustice.

I say something else. There are teams that finished the last match, like Botoshani, Rapid. Why not an incentive for those who get there to have one more chance? You still have the advantage of playing at home.“, – reported Ilie Dumitrescu.

Laurentiu Regekampf, meeting with Mihai Rotaru

After purchasing the “tickets” for the Conference League, Laurencio Regekampf announced that he would meet with Mihai Rotaru to make a plan for the next season.

»I have a two-year contract, I said, I repeat, I really want to end the contract հաղթ to win the championship with the University of Krajova. I will have a meeting with the head of the team, we need to bring some players to raise the level of the team“, – announced Laurencio Regekampf.

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