How much does UFC presenter Bruce Buffer wear?


Date of publication. Saturday, May 28, 2022, 9:47 p.m.

Update Date: Saturday, May 28, 2022, at 22:25.

By Alexander GANJI

Bruce Buffer is the voice UFC. However, the veteran host invests a lot in his image, as every title match starts with him.

Although she has always been very well dressed lately Bruce managed to exceed all expectations կողմից is considered by many to be the best person in the world. UFC.

How much does UFC presenter Bruce Buffer wear?

Dragosh Sandulash Costume Designer և Exclusive Outfit Specialist Explains How Much Her Outfits Cost Bruce Buffer.

Bruce’s special costumes, made especially for some UFC gala, cost about $ 15,000.

First of all, all the outfits are made to order, that is, especially for him, and it takes several weeks to make such an outfit, because they are completely sewn by hand.

Bruce wears only evening or formal clothes, as we say in Romania, and the materials are very delicate and expensive. I also worked with materials worn by Bruce, the meter can reach 1500-2000 pounds.

We need to understand that a simple suit made in one of the houses where Bruce works starts from 4000-6000 pounds, if it is made in Great Britain և 8000 dollars, if it is made in Canada or the USA. Moreover, the schedule must be done in advance, at least three tests are required, և the whole process requires too much detail. Because each suit is unique, we can not give a definite price for the work, so you will not find the price on the websites of the respective houses, but for the appropriate outfits, I think we have 10,000 to 15,000 dollars. right price.

If we add the jewelry worn by Bruce, the ring with the name of the galaxy, the diamond buttons, the buttons of precious stones, the shoes, which are definitely made to order, because they should be comfortable, look great, we can say that Bruce wears dozens. in an outfit of thousands of dollars every week.

Although Bruce’s style seems a bit exaggerated, I personally like it because it is a showy outfit, but it follows all the rules of evening elegance, and the financial value of the outfit is visible only to those who know what to look for. “It’s a modest luxury, it adds to Bruce’s elegance.”

Details with accessories

To get a complete picture of Bruce Buffer, we have to say that many of his outfits were donated to charity, but the UFC Prefect never boasted about it.

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