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Greta Garbo cake is also called Gerbo or Gerbo. This is especially true when it comes to parties, small family gatherings, or friend gatherings. In other words, this dessert is perfect for any occasion. The sweet taste of jam together with walnuts caresses our taste buds through the perfect game of taste. The origin of this dessert is in Budapest.

The sweet taste of jam with walnuts caresses our taste buds

Ingredients for a wonderful taste

This preparation is not very difficult to prepare. Another custom-made dessert with crushed walnuts is Delichu Cake.

Aside from a few ingredients (such as walnuts or whipped cream), most of the ingredients can be found in any kitchen.

First of all, for the sheets we will need about one kg of white wheat flour, two eggs (preferably wheat), fresh yeast, about 150-200 grams of butter, about 200 grams of cream, as much as possible, fat. Of course, we will need powdered sugar (about 100 grams should be enough). And since no recipe can be missing, we will have to make a pinch of salt. For as much flavor as possible կարող we can add a little grated lemon peel և / or a little vanilla.

We need jam for the filling. Here everything is prepared based on preferences. You can use any jam (for example, apricot, cherry, plum, strawberry, etc.). We also need to prepare an appropriate amount of ground walnuts (about 400 grams).

We can use chocolate glaze for decoration.

Greta Garbo cake
This preparation is not very difficult to prepare

Greta Garbo cake – How to make the most delicious dessert

We must make sure that the butter is removed from the refrigerator in time, so that when using it, it is at room temperature. Once we meet this requirement, we can start making newspapers. We start by rubbing the yeast with the sugar very well until it liquefies. Add the butter one by one (be careful at room temperature), then the two village eggs. Mix this mixture well until smooth. The next step is to add the remaining ingredients, ie cream, flour, grated lemon peel. You have to mix everything carefully և do not rush the process. All of these components should be included very well. The resulting dough should be left for about an hour to rise.

After the dough rises, we can divide it into four equal parts. They will turn into four sheets. We will have to distribute them very well և evenly. We must be careful not to make them thicker or thinner in some parts than in others. The length of the sheets should also correspond to the size of the tray in which they should be placed.

Greta Garbo cake
We need to make sure we get the butter out of the fridge on time

When it comes to filling, we can start by mixing ground walnuts with two types of sugar: vanilla և bar.

We have to prepare the tray and grease it with butter. We put the first sheet, after which we add jam, and on it, a homogeneous part of the walnut mixture. This procedure is repeated until the last sheet, on which we will put only the chocolate icing. However, do not put the icing until the cake is removed from the oven to freeze.

Put the dessert tray in the preheated oven at medium temperature for about an hour.

The cake should be frozen for at least 8 hours before putting it on. Glaze can be made from steamed chocolate.

Greta Garbo cake is one of the best cakes served at various parties or gatherings. It’s a simple dessert to make, as well as delicious.

Greta Garbo cake
Do not put the icing until the cake is frozen

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