Gigi Bekali said “stop”! The reason for the radical decision made in the FCSB. “Only one, the fool, loses money.”

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The businessman said that he made the decision because he no longer wants to lose money from football, where he thinks that everyone wins, only he is a “minus”.

There are no money transfers to the FCSB

At the same time, the head of the FCSB said that the team will have “fresh strength” for next year only if it finds valuable players. which can be brought for free.

»I do not bring anyone. What to do? Didn’t I tell you we couldn’t take it? Let no one think that I am still like that, that I still spend my money on football. If I have to find a good and good central defender, yes.

I am the person who does not imagine that everyone makes money, only one, the fool, Bekal, loses money. Everyone wins, everyone, a thousand, two, three, only I lose“, – said Gigi Becali, at the football club, from Digi Sport.

Jiji Bekali. “I showed that it is possible.”

Even if investments are minimal, Gigi Becali thinks that does not mean that next year is a loss for the FCSB.

»Is Dan Petrescu a serious coach? What debts does he have? He has won the championship for five years, he owes 30 million. I have shown that it is possible with money cuts when it comes to sales problems. I have proved it and I will prove it, but I will not say, I will say“, – passed to Jiji Bekali.

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