Gigi Bekali has found the solution to the incomplete work – “Take me, play”. The FCSB owner immediately objected

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That he will have only one central defender in the group, Julian Christian, told Jiji Bekali that he is not ready to invest in bringing some stops, if he does not find free solutions, he will resort to the “damage” option. Ovid Popescu.

Ovidiu Popescu saw central defender Gigi Becali

»Goodbye to Miro for looking for his team. I do not bring anyone. football. If I have to find a good and good central defender, yes. If not, “Take it, I, Ovidio Popescu, play central defender,” and that’s the end of it.“, – said Gigi Bekali in the football club.

Ili Dumitrescu soon responded to Digi Sport Special, saying that Ovidio Popescu should never play as a central defender, where he was also used by the FCSB. Moreover, the former football player said that the player brought from ACS Poli Timișoara should be used only for defense, not even for the position of right wing defender, where he also played for FCSB.

»The solution is that he drank tea at five, saw a soap opera and came to her. Ovidiu Popescu can not play on the central, even on the right defender. I really like Ovid Popescu, but in the middle“, – reported Ilie Dumitrescu.

The FCSB may be without a central defender

Ili Dumitrescu has warned that even Julian Cristian, who could remain the only player to develop as a central defender at FCSB in recent years, will not make the best of center-back performances in the final if Andrei Miron leaves.

»Julian Christian is not a central defender, he is a midfielder. The FCSB has no central defender if it gives Miron“, – noted Ilie Dumitrescu.

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