Exclusive Video |: The CFR Cluj football player paid 16,000 euros a month and sent a play-off.

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Jiji Bekali (63 years old) claims that Gruia group he owes a lot, he does not want the FCSB to be in a similar situation.

The CFR Cluj football player paid 16,000 euros a month and sent a play-off.

The Romanian champion also had a big group last season, which was defended by one of the former employees of the club. Daniel Stanciu (47 years old), the former sports director of CFR Cluj spoke about the strategy of the Transylvania.

He said, for example, how Mihay Butian (25 years old) CFR Cluj is very well paid, even though he played in the playoffs.

“It simply came to our notice then. There are many players who have been brought to the CFR. Here is a list of 12 borrowed players. Can I tell you how much the right-back, who has been on loan to China and who has also been to Astra Գ Gas Methane, earn? But that.

He earns 16,000 euros a month. “Stanchu, who was present in the studio of Digi Sport Special show, revealed:

Stanchiu, about Ioan Varga և CFR Cluj project.The boss’s naivety cost him “

Stanciu puts all the financial chaos caused by the CFR on “Ioan Varga’s naivety”.

“At first, when Varga took over the club, he was promised to enter the groups of the Champions League. I know, because I was there. He said he would invest a lot of money. The boss’s naivety cost him. I was the sports director of the season.

Varga was expecting to sell the player, but he could not. The only discussion was for Țucudean in France, but it was not done.

These are unanswered questions. “Stanchu told Digi Sport Special.

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