Exclusive Video |: Jiji Bekal, irony about Vasil Dincu. “I’m not smart. The fraudsters are in touch with the authorities. “

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The financier of the vice-champion of Ligue 1 responded live on Digi Sport, during the program Fotbal Club, after: The Minister of National Defense Vasile Dincu, who sponsors the guardian of CSA Steaua, said what is the condition of playing for the FCSB. on an arena worth about 100 million euros.

Jiji Bekal, irony about Vasil Dincu. “I’m not smart. The fraudsters are in touch with the authorities. “

To the question whether you will file a criminal lawsuit, as he promised the other day, the millionaire from Pipera gave an ironic answer: the target is Dinku.

“I used to say that when I was upset. I said, but I do not file a criminal complaint. I am not a swindler, it is the swindlers who can decide what they want to do with the product of the state.

Liars are those who consume state money without law. I’m not smart, I can not be smart. How can I be smart if I am constantly beaten by the authorities?

“Fraudsters are not beaten, swindlers are connected with the authorities, with security, I am only a swindler by word of mouth.”said Bekal.

Jiji Bekali. “I brought 200 million euros.”

The businessman says that since he was involved in football, he has contributed significant sums to the state budget, he does not understand why he is being rejected now.

“I brought 200 million euros to Romania, I brought the turnover, 200 million from Europe (no – euro).

I did not put money in my pocket. As a proof that the society owes me, I did not put any money in my pocket. I withdrew the money, but then I had to put it back. ”Bekali said on Digi Sport.

VIDEO with Gigi Becali և his intervention in a football club

Vasil Dincu, about FCSB և Steaua Stadium. “AHe should not have put pressure on the media or cursed the Minister of National Defense. “

FCSB: For the second time he tried to rent Gencha Stadium for the derby CFR Cluj:starting The last round of the League 1 playoffsbut: CSA Steaua:in the opus.

FCSB owner Gigi Becali has offered 46 thousand euros to play at Steaua Stadium.

Defense Minister Vasil Dincu has announced the procedure that the FCSB must follow to lease the arena in Genza.

“The FSB should not have pressured the media or cursed the Minister of National Defense to play in Cenza, but should have tried to apply to the ministry, which would have meant a government decision, because today. Steaua is a military unit owned by the Ministry of Defense.

A government decision must be made to rent the square meter. It took longer, but if they did it in time, it could be approved at the government session. Otherwise, the club said “no” to the symbolic attempt to take over the legacy of “Steaua”, which has a brand. I have no feelings here “Vasil Dincu told Euronews.ro.

Mihai Stoika condemns the “abuse” of the Minister of Defense. “Maybe someone will be prosecuted.”

FCSB General Manager Mihai Stoika issued a scathing statement about the situation at Steaua Stadium, warning that there could be criminal consequences.

“What these managers do not understand, who brutally forbid us to play in our city, in a stadium built with state money, is how they attract the dislike of millions of Steaua fans. And that translates to votes, probably the only thing that would interest those who have conquered Romania at the moment.

It is equally true that they will win the sympathy of hundreds of session supporters, but a brief calculation reveals the insignificance of this aspect. I am not saying that anyone can be prosecuted. There were others who thought they were immaterial. And how tangible it turned out. “Mihai Stoika wrote on Facebook.

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