EU-US Trade and Technology Council. Strengthening renewed partnerships indefinitely

The EU և the United States today, 16 May, reaffirmed their close cooperation in addressing global trade և technological challenges in line with the two sides’ joint commitment to democracy, freedom and human rights. During the second ministerial meeting of the Trade and Technology Council (CCT) in Paris, the two sides agreed on the central role of this forum in the renewed Transatlantic Partnership, which already helps coordinate joint EU-US measures in response to Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.

The main results of the 2nd Ministerial Meeting of the National Academy of Sciences

Assistance to Ukraine

The CCT Co-Chairs reiterated their common commitment to support Ukraine against Russian military aggression, agreed on concrete measures that have already been taken and will continue within the CCT. They also promised to work with Ukraine to restore its economy and create a favorable environment for trade and investment.

Completeness of information

The Co-Chairs agreed to strengthen their co-operation to promote the integrity of information in crisis situations, focusing initially on a common analytical framework to identify Russian intelligence interventions that would further build co-operation in all areas. .

Trade-labor dialogue

The Co-Chairs agreed to establish a tripartite dialogue on trade-related employment to jointly promote the rights of internationally recognized workers, as well as to eliminate forced labor and child labor, among others.

Export control

Cooperation with the CTC could provide rapid, coordinated oversight of exports of advanced technologies such as aerospace and cyber-exploration to undermine Russia’s ability to develop more industrial-military development. abilities. Both sides promised to continue և strengthen this close cooperation.

Secure supply chains

Given the weakening of global supply chains in the context of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, both sides agreed that closer cooperation to enhance supply chain flexibility is more important than ever. For example, the EU և the United States has agreed to develop a common semiconductor value chain early warning և monitoring mechanism to encourage information exchange և preparedness և information exchange to avoid grant competition. .

The Working Group on Public Financing for Secure Information Technology (ICTS) Services in Third Countries will also pave the way for joint public funding of US and EU digital projects in third countries based on common principles.

Technological standards

In the field of emerging technologies, the EU and the United States have agreed to establish a Strategic Information Standardization Mechanism (ISS) to promote and protect common interests in international standardization activities. Both sides will work to promote the development of harmonized, interoperable technical standards in areas of common strategic interest, such as artificial intelligence, additive manufacturing, materials processing, or the Internet of Things.

Artificial intelligence

The parties resumed discussions on the implementation of the general principles of AI, agreed to develop a common roadmap for assessment և measurement tools for reliable artificial intelligence և risk management.

Platform management

The EU և the US և has reaffirmed its support for an open, global, interoperable, secure և Internet of Things in line with the Declaration of the Future of the Internet, the Principle of European Digital Rights. In addition, the EU and the US have agreed to strengthen their cooperation on key aspects of platform management.

SME access to technology

EU և The United States today released a Joint Best Practice Guide containing resources on how SMEs can become more cyber-secure.

Environmental and climatic problems related to trade, technology

The overall goal of CCT is to promote sustainability. In this spirit, the Ministers agreed to address trade, environmental and climate issues in the work of the Council, including promoting a better understanding of the role that trade can play in promoting environmental goods and services. Another task was to ensure closer cooperation in the field of green public procurement, to develop common methodologies for defining carbon footprint.

Barriers to trade

The Ministers agreed to work together to find solutions to promote transatlantic trade, investment, including public procurement cooperation, conformity assessment, and the exchange of new barriers to trade, both bilaterally and with third countries. The ministers also agreed to coordinate their efforts on non-market policies, while trying to avoid mutual side effects.


The European Union և The United States established the EU-US Trade and Technology Council (CCT) during its meeting on 15 June 2021 in Brussels. The CCT is a forum where the United States and the European Union coordinate their approaches to issues. Deepening transatlantic cooperation in these areas of trade և technologies հիմն based on common democratic values. The first meeting of the CTC took place on September 29, 2021. Following the meeting, 10 working groups were set up to focus on topics such as standards, artificial intelligence, semiconductors, export control, and global trade challenges. The next meeting of the CCT is scheduled for the end of 2022 in the United States.

Editor: Liviu Koya

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