Dushan Uhrin is convinced that he will withstand the pressure in “Dinamo”. Message to players:

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Dushan Uhr. “Everyone should do more.”

The return match of the service / promotion barrier in Ligue 1 is scheduled for May 29, at 21:00, at “Dinamo” stadium, live on Digi Sport 1.

The coach of the “Red and Whites” Dusan Uhrin stated that he understands the pressure of the fans and wants to make them happy. The Czech coach asked the players to treat the match with “U” Cluj differently.

“We are not good because we lost the last game, but we tried to correct what did not work out with Cluj. We have to fight harder, that was not enough. The first half turned out to be disastrous. I hope we give our best, I do not. I do not know why I did not fight in Cluj.

The reality is that everyone has to do more if we want to stay in the top division. I think the opponents will play on the counterattack. We should definitely play, but at the same time score at least two goals in the main time.

This is not a good situation for the history of this club, but I hope we will overcome this period. I do not feel well, but we must do our best. I have had a lot of pressure in my career, it is not the most difficult moment. I do not want to break the hearts of “Dinamo” fans.

I can sleep, but not so well, I only think about this meeting. The football players are a little excited, but we are to blame for this situation. We need to stay focused. If I am emotional or nervous, it will be very bad for us.

I talked to the fans, some of the DDB executives. It is normal to apply pressure, they want the team to stay in Ligue 1. I do not think it’s time to think about money, we must first save ourselves from falling. Do not play, we must have an attitude.

I must admit that it was more difficult than I expected when I signed a contract with “Dinamo”. I am not talking about my future, I have a contract with “Dinamo”, now I am focused only on the Sunday match. I have always worked here under pressure. “It’s the same at Dynamo. The players have to understand that too, because they are always under pressure.”Dushan Uhrin said at the press conference.

Florin Bratu, gloomy prediction for “Dinamo”. it clogs up “

Former Dinamo player-coach Florin Brato (42 years old) is pessimistic about the team’s chances of staying in Ligue 1.

The selector of the Romanian youth team thinks that the huge pressure can block the Dynamo players.

“First of all, I think this myth of differences in football levels has been shattered. I was saying that there is a big difference between Ligue 1 and Ligue 2. Look, the difference is not so big anymore! Chiajna և U “Cluj”. won Ligue 1 against some teams. And it is clear that the level of Ligue 1 has decreased in the last 2-3 years.

As for Dynamo, I was honestly shocked by what I saw. I did not expect. I highly appreciated the will and ambition of the people of “U” Cluj, I congratulate them in this way. “Dynamo” has a very difficult mission in return. The pressure has tripled, it is everywhere.

Can you rediscover yourself in 3-4 days? I say you can not. I think he is blocking in “Dinamo”, something is not working. And this is not this season, but four or five years. “Dynamo” suffered, the supporters helped, but it was not enough.

In the return match I will be in the stadium together with the other former players of the team. I hope this presence helps in some way, but we do not play. “said Florin Bratt during the Digi Sport League show.

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