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In recent years, CrisCakes has become a well-known name in the confectionery industry in the plains of Bacau, և this reputation was built on the work of Christina Gavriliu,, who, after many years of successful operations in the banking system, discovered a new. way of life. A few years later, as she strengthened her position in the confectionery market, earlier this week, Christina Gavriliou and her relatives marked the expansion of the headquarters where she produces the famous CrisCakes sweets.

Sometimes, fortunately, the steps take you to glamorous places from all angles. It happened a few days ago when I crossed the threshold of CrisCake Lab, where I met Christina Gavriliu, the creator of this sweet brand from Bacău. Coincidentally, my visit was interrupted by a “tasting meeting” with two young men who would soon be wearing their pyrrhos, coming in to “taste” the offer. “Everyone recommended us CrisCakes, քանի during the few weddings I attended, the couple chose all of these products,” the two young men told me. Christina Gavriliu, super-professional, but also with a friendly air, clinging to the souls of the young people who left quietly, deciding to choose the best option for them. It was clear that they had a resonance, that they would definitely return.

After this episode, we agreed to sit down at the table and have memories of CrisCakes. Before that, however, we asked Christina Gavriliu to tell us something about the expansion of the confectionery laboratory. “The demand was growing, a development program was needed. Thus, the laboratory gradually expanded, now reaching a hospitable and civilized place. In this context, I organized a tasting meeting with my friends և clients, my colleagues և colleagues. We do not want to build a showcase that is constantly filled. We want to keep the work custom, as we recommend the idea of ​​freshness. However, we will try to have some free products, one or two cakes and a few cakes, but we will stick to the system that has sanctified us. ”


Then I said it would be nice to go back to the beginning անել do a little bit of the CrisCakes story that succeeded. After working in the banking system for 23 years, during which he held various positions, until the head of the agency, Christina Gavriliu found a different way of life. The road, which can be said to be 180 degrees compared to the banking system. How did this compression happen? We let Christina tell us. “When the bank talked about reorganizing the whole structure, everything changed a little. I think there is time for everything. That is, you have to do the right thing until a certain age, after which, if you are a person with a head, you can do what you want. Then I said for a moment that I was taking a week off where I could do nothing but take my son to kindergarten, spend more time together, like this. At the same time, when some positions in the bank were eliminated or I could stay in the system, I preferred to have time for myself and my family. So I was fired. In order to stay unemployed, you had to undergo professional training. Since cooking shows were so popular, I decided to take cooking classes. My husband said that it was not me, that I did not even know how to cook, that I would smell bad too (laughs). And I did not know how to make cakes. So I asked him. and about confectionery. Eee… smells different, vanilla, chocolate… »

And so, easily, naturally և with charm, Christina Gavriliu tells us the further story…

At first, before starting the courses, he followed the various recipes found on the Internet. And in the first stage, he turned to Jamila’s recipes. At first he made cookies, then chocolate bars, but they never thought they could sell them. “Every day I made cakes, cookies… Then my husband told us not to get fat, not to give it to people. That’s how I thought of holding an event. And I made seven kinds of cakes, called my friends and tasted them. That was in 2012. After this meeting, I received my friend’s first request to make a roll for him. “I had great emotions, but it turned out well,” Christina said.

First steps…

That’s how friends’ inquiries began to appear. After a year of rest, he went to work more seriously, at home, in the kitchen, and took a girl to help. In particular, in 2016, she received all the permits, անունը the name CrisCakes appeared, a name that Christina’s husband found during a discussion in the car. Then an employee needed certain equipment. Everything went step by step. “Everyone who came here did not know anything in advance. Everything was learned here. I really wanted to do what I saw in my books. I have several books by American chefs that make dream cakes. I never thought I could do that. Then I started waking up. I went to classes in Bucharest where I learned new things, not recipes. You have nothing to do with the recipe until you find out the secrets of it, “Christina Gavriliu continued her story, remembering how many trays Macaroni broke until she reached the perfect product. And CrisCakes Macarons, at least to my taste, are better than the ones I ate at the Lafayette Galleries in Paris. I repeat, to my taste. Returning to CrisCakes Lab, there are now six employees և they are all proud to work here. Christina is proud of her team, which knew how to mobilize, bring out the best in her, proving that she is a friend, a leader, not a leader. “I’m lucky to have moderate, sensible people,” said Christina, for whom the most important thing is the quality it offers, far more important than the financial part.

Rouge cake is a favorite of Bacău residents

CrisCakes also has an online store where you can see all the products it offers. “It simply came to our notice then. People want to talk to me. And so, unfortunately, somehow I became more of an entrepreneur than a confectioner. “Because I have to deal with orders, invoices, I talk to customers, I explain to them,” confessed Christina Gavriliu. Going further, here I discovered 21 types of cakes և 30 types of cakes, which is a suggestion not to ignore. Obviously, the curiosity went further, we wanted to find out which is preferred by the people of Bacau or what would be the best recipe. It is true that tastes are not commented on, but what Christina told us goes beyond any answer. “What is the most wonderful?” when the husband enters և says. “A woman wanted a CrisCakes dessert.” What does that sound like? Or. Another says. “We only take all the cakes from here,” said the creator of the CrisCakes brand, who, unfortunately, admits that he has moments when he has to give up certain orders during busy times, such as during the summer wedding season. Christina Gavriliu announced the most ordered cake – Rouge Cake, a cool և air cake, which is preferred especially at weddings. “We already have agreements that must be respected, from our point of view it is imperative that everything be perfect. “So we can not afford to overcrowd, endanger the quality.” From this point of view, the people of Bacau are very conservative and loyal. Even if CrisCakes offers new recipes, we still prefer to continue the already approved recipes.

The best ingredients

Christina assured us that there is no dust or anything else in CrisCakes that would compromise. Virtually all components come from proven sources. “The egg is from the farm, which is my husband’s business. I have 82% butter, 35-36% whipped cream, mascarpone, Belgian chocolate, all of the highest quality. I did not know how to do otherwise. I have valuable educators. I became friends with Mirella Murarush, who teaches authorized courses in Paris as a specialist. “With such support, you can not compromise on quality, nor do I imagine such a thing. When I need support, I get it from the best,” revealed the secrets of a little successful Christina Gavriliu.

Asked if she would return to the banking system, Christina admits that this period of her life was a wonderful time when she learned some of the things that are still used today, that she met valuable people with whom she became friends, strong. But, in all probability, he would not return to the bank. As for the fact that it was more difficult in the bank than now, Christina says that it has never been more difficult. If you do everything right, if you like what you do, if you are indirect, there is nothing difficult to do, no matter what field you choose to pursue.

How can we enjoy CrisCakes?

As for the delivery of orders, this service has been transferred to outsourcing, says Christina. “It simply came to our notice then. So we chose to work in this direction with a family of friends, very close to us, very serious people, employees who took on this job. They serve Candy Bar services in a really professional way. ”

Once you learn the history of Atelier CrisCakes, it will be easy to arrange a face-to-face meeting with Christina Gavriliu to enjoy the delicious cakes.

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Photo by Andreia Gradin Photography

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