CMTPL, verdict after Simona Aleppo’s defeat by Kinwen Zheng. “This game is not even close to the Top 30.”

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Simona Halep made the perfect first set in Paris, did not announce anything about the “collapse” of the second և 3rd set, when Kinwen Zheng was dominating, taking advantage of the visible decline in the level of the Romanian game, she lost only three games to qualify. in the third stage. However, everything collapsed in two or three sets, Simona Aleppo lost the game.

Christian Tudor Popescu resigns from Roland Garros after Simona Aleppo

Christian Tudor Popescu analyzed Simona Aleppo’s speech from the meeting with Geneva Zhen և and said that the Romanian’s game does not allow to hope that she will return to the Top 10.

“With the tennis played by Simona, she can not even get close to the Top 10. My opinion at the moment is that he also can not get close to the Top 30. This sport is evolving, it’s a joke with Zheng. also.

He has a very heavy blow, a very heavy blow, I did not have high hopes, especially since I saw Simona in the first round. After winning the first set, Aleppo lost the second set without seeing the ball. Is it serious that Simona was scared, և what happens in such situations?

You go and hide where you feel safe. He did so, he withdrew, waited for the opponent’s mistake, and he succeeded in the first round. It is better that he lost here with Zheng, because it was probably a meeting with Ostapenko. He is doomed to lose to an opponent like Zheng Ostapenko, not to mention Sviatek.

Simona does not like this game, when the opponents hit hard, take risks, attack. When Simona went far, she was playing aggressively, proactively. I can not forget Muguruza looking at the Roland Garros semi-final, when Aleppo was more aggressive than him.

He had a great time, but it’s not his game. Now it is worn out. He seems powerless, as if hitting an air hammer. You have to be in an unusual physical condition, always run, it is very difficult. “We all expected something special from him, as Roland Garros was his favorite tournament.” said Christian Tudor Popescu at the football club.

Simona Aleppo was not left out of the fight in the second round of Roland Garros in 2015

Simona Aleppo thus stopped in the second round of Roland Garros, where she played at least the fourth round in the previous six games.

The last time he was left out of that time was in 2015 by Mirjana Lucic-Baroni. Last year, Simona Aleppo did not play in Paris due to an injury, as she has two finals, 2014-2017, and in 2018, a title.

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