Ciprian Dick is the best veteran of the Digi Sport investigation season. “There is still room for cups.”

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At the end of this season, Ciprian Dick again became the champion of Romania with CFR Cluj, the fifth title in a row. In total, Dick has won seven titles with the Transylvanian team, plus two Romanian Cups and five Super Cups.

Ciprian Dick is the best veteran of the Digi Sport investigation season. “There is still room for cups.”

Ciprian Dick had a phone call during the Liga Digisport show, where he spoke about the last title he won, but also about the national team.

In addition, the dean of Transylvania said that all the thoughts of CFR Cluj are now going to the European Cups.

»I would prefer you to give me the award for the youngest player. Thank you very much. This award recognizes the work of my team. They are very good players with great experience, who played at a very high level.

There is always room for cups. I was very happy, as if it was the first championship I won. There was little pressure. Leading the whole championship, it was a shame that we did not finish first. I totally deserved it. I led the championship from one end to the other. I had a few syncopes in the playoffs. Both meetings gave us emotions. Overall, we were the best team.

All our thoughts are on the European Cups. We want to get as far as possible. We want to help ourselves financially, but also the club. As we progress in this competition, it will be good for everyone.

I like to be realistic, to be fair to myself. At the moment, there are better and younger players who can help the national team more. Do not misunderstand me. I do not retire. I will be with them, I know what a national team means. These are the most beautiful emotions when you wear that shirt“, Said Ciprian Dick during the Liga Digisport show.

The verdict in the final of the Champions League was made by Ciprian Dick

The final of the Champions League The match between “Real” Madrid and “Liverpool” will be available on Saturday at 22:00, live on “Digi Sport 1” and “Digi4k”. The hottest stages of VIDEO are in real time on

Dick declared himself a Real Madrid fan and confessed that he wanted the team led by Carlo Ancelotti to win in Paris.

»I would like to beat Real Madrid. I’m a fan of them. I would like to win. It will be a balanced match, they are the best teams. I see more experience in Madrid. They have players who have won this tournament before, they know how to play in the finals“, Said Ciprian Dick during the Liga Digi Sport show.

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