Cîmpeanu. School can start in September 2023 on other grounds. Students need to be connected to the realities of society and technology

Education Minister Sorin Chimpianu announced on Thursday that the education package should be put up for public discussion as soon as possible, and then debated in parliament, so that the education system would start “in a completely different way” in September 2023. foundations”. Cimpeanu wants the school to “connect much better with students, with students, with the realities of society, with rapid technological change.”

According to the Minister of Education, in addition to the legislative package, more than 100 normative acts, government decisions, ministers’ orders will be published as secondary legislation.

“We are talking about the legislative package, which should be available for public discussion as soon as possible, we are talking about the laws of education. (…) We want these laws, drafts, proposals to be submitted as soon as possible, very quickly, first of all, in the legislative package I am talking only about the primary legislation, we have tried to see what the secondary legislation means, և that means more than 100 normative acts, government decisions հրամ ministerial orders to be prepared. The education system, the architecture of the system, clarifies many things, eliminates overlaps, strengthens the connection between the school, the university, the “socio-economic environment”, connects students much better to the realities of society, too rapidly, to technological changes. “In September 2023, I want, և we all want, և I’m convinced, ‘The education system must be able to start on a completely different basis,'” Jimbianu was quoted as saying by Agerpres.

In his opinion, dual education should be attractive with “open” routes, and universities should be able to develop bachelor’s and master’s programs in a dual system.

“Dual education must be attractive, համար in order to be attractive, those routes (…) must also be open. The gap means that they must have higher education. “We are at a stage where we are looking for ways to support universities that can develop undergraduate and graduate programs in a dual system,” he said at a conference on “Romania’s Role in Higher Education in the European Higher Education Research Area” organized by DC News. at the University of Agronomy and Veterinary Medicine. Medicine

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