China launches wiretapping phone. Revolutionary technology that makes it invulnerable

A Chinese telecommunications service provider has launched a smartphone using quantum technology to reassure users that the device is virtually “invulnerable to hackers,” according to China’s Xinhua news agency.

Tianyi No.1 2022, released by China Telecom, is a smartphone with a special SIM card in quantum encryption mode, which can encrypt and decrypt phone calls using the distribution of quantum keys, reports Science Daily.

In 2021, telecommunications giant startup QuantumCTeck set up a joint venture to develop quantum communications and bring revolutionary know-how to market.

Chinese scientists, some of whom were part of the founding team of QuantumCTeck, tested the distribution of quantum keys using the world’s first quantum satellite, Micius, which was launched in August 2016.

Unlike traditional cryptography, the technology uses unique photons in quantum superposition states in which the key is embedded between the parties to ensure unconditional security.

Quantum superposition is a fundamental principle of quantum mechanics, which states that, like the waves of classical physics, any two or more quantum states can be combined.

Thus, the message is “invulnerable” as any attempt to seize the key will be immediately known to both the sender and the intended recipient.

“When a user initiates a quantum-protected conversation, a secret key will be accidentally created to verify his or her identity,” said Zhang Rutong, a QuantumCTeck engineer. “Once approved, the quantum network will create a new real-time key for voice data encryption.”

“The key is created randomly, it is difficult to break or reset immediately after the call,” Zhang added.

The service is available when both senders and recipients use a quantum telephone.

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