Butter-free cake made of 2 pumpkins. A delicious recipe that is a hit of the season

Butter-free cake made of 2 pumpkins. Delicious recipe, which is the hit of the season. Source – Pexels:

Many times we cook by inertia, always repeating the same dishes, using the same ingredients. Therefore, it is necessary to try as much as possible, always be open to new recipes.

Today we will reveal the very unique cake recipe, which has a pumpkin inside.

For this recipe we will need:

350 grams of flour

3 medium-sized eggs;

200 ml of corn oil;

250 grams of sugar;

a box of baking powder;

a teaspoon of vanilla extract

2 zucchini.

Butter-free cake made of 2 pumpkins. It’s the hit of the season. Step by step recipe

First, wash the 2 pumpkins well and remove the heads. After that we pass them through large holes with a scraper. Squeeze them to remove excess water and set aside in a bowl.

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In another bowl, add the eggs and sugar, beat until the mass is light and lush. Then add flour and baking powder, vanilla extract, corn oil. In this case, we can also use wheat germ oil, a vegetable fat with multiple properties.

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After mixing all the ingredients, add the grated zucchini at the end. Mix again, pour the composition into a pan covered with oil and covered with flour.

So, this is the cake of the season, which is made in a short time from և few ingredients. Now we just have to bake it in a static oven heated to 180 degrees for about an hour.

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Before serving this impressive pumpkin pie, it is best to freeze it at room temperature for a few minutes. Thus, when tasting, we will be able to better distinguish all the flavors.

You can decorate the surface of the cake with a little powdered sugar near the bottle. Bon Appetit!

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