Batteries are just as important as electric cars

Electric cars are increasingly in demand for their beneficial effects on the environment, but the millions of batteries in them that will no longer be useful to them can negate those benefits. In 10-15 years, the used batteries will become a real “bomb”, which should be treated as such.

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Paul Anderson, a professor of strategic element materials at the University of Birmingham, says combustion engines will then dominate the world. Modern emissions are 98% lower than in the 1960s, but electric vehicles will reach critical mass. Therefore, electric vehicles (EVs) should be the complete solution, not just cars without exhaust pipes.

C |: NET is a program that extends battery life և includes four rs: Recycling, Reuse, Recycling և Reduction.


This means taking the old EV battery and moving it to a working one. It will become a powerful concept as the number of electric cars increases, creating a large market in the field of used cars. an area that, for example, is growing faster than the entire US economy.

This, of course, does not eliminate the fact that any battery will eventually lose its power, otherwise it will not be suitable for EV. Here’s the next action plan.


Nissan is looking for two options. The first is to install the battery where energy is not required, such as train tracks or electric trucks, for which autonomy is not a standard. Second. Even the most commonly used can power emergency lighting with LEDs in buildings where operation is usually “short”.


It is difficult to disassemble in general, and VE batteries in particular. These are large, heavy-duty, complex sets of materials that do not recycle like a plastic bottle. The former technical director of Tesla left the company to establish one dedicated to this issue, announcing that “the world’s largest lithium բ cobalt mines are in landfills.”

Lithium, nickel, cobalt այլ other elements of the battery are toxic hazards և recycling can force them never to be destroyed.


It is not a technological solution, but a perception. Reduction means that EV does not need maximum autonomy, but autonomy is needed.

For buyers, this means buying a comfortable VE with a range of 300-350 km, not 600-800 km, which is much more expensive, has a much larger battery. This will reduce battery life by helping other Rs make it more comfortable as cars will spend less time at charging stations.

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