Avrig Blossom Palace, a new concept for tourism promotion

Then, for almost two centuries, everything was forgotten. Today, the palace and the garden have flourished again for Romanian and foreign tourists. Avrig’s thriving paradise is no longer reserved for the nobility of Western Europe, but welcomes all its guests. All the events organized here for a week from today are dedicated to children, flower lovers, and the menu of the restaurant organized in the former Orange was created especially for this season of the year, with lots of vegetables, herbs and even. … flowers!

Fifteen years ago, no one would have thought that the old bedroom of Samuel von Bruckenthal, which had been turned into a horse stable and then abandoned, almost collapsed, could become what it was more than 200 years ago, even more beautiful. But two young men from Avrig, the Klingies, who for the first time stunned the whole world by building an ice hotel in Balea Lake, had the ambition to turn those stables from ruins into an earthly paradise reborn like the Phoenician bird. I had the privilege of seeing this transfiguration from the first brick laid on the former Orangery, which had been turned into a stable, but I could not have imagined when I first walked through those fragments of the wall, setting foot in the mud mixed with the materials. a building that, once completed, would be a new palace, even more beautiful than Brukentalin. Without any help, simply by reinvesting everything they had earned at the Ice Hotel, the Klingers were able to bring to life the famous Orange House two centuries ago. And after rediscovering it, they began to restore the famous gardens, which took more than a decade, so that today the guests of the Avrig Palace can enjoy the most beautiful exotic, native flowers, like the nobles of Europe two centuries ago.

The poppy is blooming right now

The star of the famous Avrig Gardens is a tulip tree that blooms during this period. Every year in the area called the “Triangle Garden” of the Brukenthal Avrig Palace, a late-spring to early summer display of tulips (“Tulip Tree” – Liriodendron Tulipifera) takes place. Or, according to experts, they are quite old (over 250 years old), but a few specimens of tulips living in the beautiful complex of Avrig Baroque style persistently bloom year after year, yellow-orange flowers that look like tulips. pearls in the sea of ​​lily-green lords. Those who want to see these real wonders of Avrig should hurry, because, like the most beautiful things, the flowers of the “Tulip Tree” do not last for many days after flowering. And the hosts prepared many surprises, events and competitions for the guests with prizes. One of the endangered prizes is a romantic dinner under the tulip trees. Tomorrow, on May 28, the chef will be surprised by the asparagus cream soup with butter, pork scallop with lime wine sauce, spring carrot և parsley with parsley, and trio of parsley. Tomorrow, in the garden of Avrig Palace, a terrace will be placed right under the tulips, where romantic dinners will be served by scented candles.

Brukenthal Summer Garden has organized a series of special events for children during the week from May 28 to June 5, including painting workshops, pony walks, dog training courses, horse workshops for children and many other surprises. The master chef of the chamber also prepared a special menu dedicated to children, from Avrig’s unique recipes. Outdoor activities could be postponed only due to unfavorable weather conditions, but there are many other attractions that all guests can enjoy.

Own, internationally influential

In addition to events, special programs for each season of the year, unique menus, the Brukenthal Palace in Avrig also has its own influence, which represents the tourist attraction, identifying its image. “I am honored to be the image of this wonderful place, the Brukenthal Avrig Palace, which was once called the summer residence of Baron Samuel von Brukenthal of Eden, Transylvania. This corner of paradise offers a unique Baroque historical site in Romania. We have seen how everyone who comes here is enchanted by the beauty of this fairytale place. Many young people choose the palace for their wedding because of the elegance and elegance here. The rooms are elegant, Baroque style, the culinary recipes are refined, adapted from Romanian-Austrian cuisine, ”says actress and singer Olga Balan. Olga became influential after promoting tourism in Greece and Italy through the series “Greetings from the South”, which was co-produced in 2014 with Dan Trifescu and co-produced by TVR. “As the artist’s work takes us around the world, I saw many countries and came to the conclusion that Romania is unusually beautiful,” says Olga. The films presenting the tourist places, which were shot together with Dragosh Zaharia (video) reach all over the world, presenting the beauties of our country.

At the end of the 18th century, Avrig Palace Park included an English, French-Dutch garden, a pheasant garden, artesian wells, man-made ruins, as well as areas with vegetables, herbs, rare vegetables, rare exotic plants, such as aloe vera. , oranges, pineapples, palms, figs or coffee plants. It is said that 40 species of peaches, 95 pears and 17 apples were cultivated, some species were brought to this area for the first time. A stream of streams flowed through the garden to feed the artesian wells.

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