Apple has released iOS 15.5. The update fixes some bugs և comes with several new features

Apple has released a new version of its iPhone operating system. The update is minor, but definitely worth it for iOS users.

Apple has released iOS 15.5. The update fixes some bugs և comes with some new features: Shutterstock

A new update, this time a minor one, is available for the iPhone along with newer versions of other operating systems developed by Apple. Despite the hints that it will offer something else, iOS 15.5 is an update that brings little visible news but fixes various other issues և errors.

iOS 15.5 adds two new buttons to the Wallet app that allow users to send and receive money in regions where Apple Cash is available.

Apple Podcasts then added an option where users could set a space limit to occupy downloaded episodes. If the newly downloaded episodes exceed the limit, the older ones will be deleted automatically.

In addition to this news, the update fixes several bugs, including one that caused the smart home automation functions to malfunction.

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When iOS 16 can be launched

Along with iOS 15.5, Apple has released other minor updates to other operating systems under development, such as macOS. Monterey 12.4, which solves the problem with the weak image of the Studio Display monitor.

iOS 15.5 can be considered as a small step towards iOS 16, which can be partially presented at the WWDC 2022 conference starting on June 6.

Apple tests first iPhone with USB-C

The first iPhone with a USB-C port, instead of Lightning, is already being tested in Apple Labs before it hits the market.

Just a few days ago, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that there is a high probability that Apple will introduce the first iPhone next year, using USB-C power for data transfer, instead of its own Lightning port. Now Bloomberg writes that Apple is already testing the first iPhone with USB-C. The information seems to confirm the statement of the Chinese analyst, who thinks that the first iPhone with USB-C will be released next year.

Apple, however, seems to be focusing not only on the iPhone, but also gradually supplementing other products and accessories with USB-C, which will take the place of Lightning in the company’s ecosystem.

Switching to USB-C will be an advantage in terms of iPhone charging և data transfer speed, while users will appreciate the convenience of the charger, which can be used for as many devices as possible.

While users have long hoped that this will happen, Apple will switch to USB-C, not for the convenience of users, but because of future laws, such as the European one, which will make USB-C mandatory. as the only standard for charging …

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