Anamaria Prodan won the lawsuit against Dennis Mann. How Much Money Should an Agent Receive?

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That decision was made by Ilfov’s court on Thursday, which ruled that Dennis Mann should pay 350,000 euros in damages to Anamar Prodan. However, the decision is not final, and the “Parma” football player has the opportunity to appeal.

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Anamaria Prodan won the lawsuit against Dennis Mann

»The respondent is obliged to pay the plaintiff EUR 350,000 (equivalent to the day of payment in lei), which is a contractual penalty (interest rate on the legal penalty for that amount, calculated from 27.05.2021 (effective date) և until the actual payment of the debt.

Dismisses the counterclaim as unfounded. With the right to appeal within 30 days from the announcement, which will be submitted to the Ilfov tribunal.

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Making the solution available to the parties by the court register today, on May 26, 2022, it is said in the decision of the court of Ilfov court.“, – is mentioned in the court decision.

Anamaria Prodan’s first reaction after winning the lawsuit against Dennis Mann

Immediately after the announcement of the court decision, Anamaria Prodan reacted and announced that she expects to win the case.

Anamaria Prodan also said that he expects the players to think twice before violating the terms of the contract with the agent.

»Now I have a precedent, everything will change. Such a court decision is only the beginning. Now, when the player does not fulfill his contract, he will think twice, he will know that this trick can be expensive for him.

I am delighted with the decision of the magistrates in court, I was sure that I would win.

The contract was clear, I could not lose the lawsuit in any way. I will do it if I feel cheated. I do everything for my players, but I do not like to be deceivedAnamaria Prodan’s words were quoted by Fanatik.

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