All STB vehicles have smart ratifiers

According to the STB, the process of introducing new validation devices is aimed at 700 buses, trams and trolleybuses that were not equipped with this type of validator during construction or at the time of purchase.

Until now, such certification devices were only available on 66 trams, 400 Otokar buses and 130 Mercedes Hybrid buses.

The benefits of introducing smart authentication devices are many, from the digital transformation of travel payment methods to mobile devices or smartwatches with NFC, but also contactless bank cards. Thus, the travel payment is made directly to the certifier, without the need to go to the sales center.

Vehicles equipped with this type of ratifier will be marked on the outside with information stickers, near the door where the ratifier is located և inside. In the case of a tram with a lowered floor for accessibility, the smart validator is located in the area provided with a ramp.

“Direct validation by bank card of vehicles without additional travel costs shows that the future of public transport is defined by digital transformation, automation, rolling stock and infrastructure investments, so that the benefits of public transport along with quality human resources are desirable for users.”said Adrian Krit, General Manager of the Bucharest Transport Company.

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