A month of amazing offers, only in Dulcinella. Do not miss. Five Amazing Deals by the End of May at Dulcinella – Awakening!

“Dulcinella” offers you five amazing offers until May 31, 2022, which should not be missed. The motto of “Your day is a little sweeter” is “Dulcinella” confectionery workshops, workshops where traditional Moldovan pastries, pastries and pies are made, but also innovative, mostly own recipes, which are designed to be 100% artificial.

Do not miss “Dulcinella” offers from Bacău, Ștefan cel Mare no. 7 և Moinești, st. Tudor Vladimirescu, bl. Select 1:

If you miss a few cakes to taste with friends of different tastes, Dulcinella comes to your aid և offers DulciMix for delicious moments together, a plate of delicious mini cakes for only 54.99 lei. “DulciMix – new prices, same perfect taste, same quality”, until May 31, 2022.

May – The florist is the month of “your daily pet”.

If you want to start the day with a smile, joy, something sweet, “Dulcinella” offers to buy three cakes, և you will receive one as a gift to make your day sweeter for your office colleagues. Offer valid until stocks last. Hurry up!

Good morning in Dulcinella.

And if we are still in May, I also urge you to try some delicious cakes. You will receive a gift cake for the three cakes you bought. That’s why we say that May is a month of amazing offers only in “Dulcinella”. And I have to tell you more, because it is still a perfect month to celebrate the arrival of spring, the birthday of a friend, relative, your birthday և all this with the help of “Dulcinella”, which offers you a valuable gift voucher. 50 lei for each individual cake, the offer is valid until May 31, 2022. There are five inexplicable offers in “Dulcinella”. You can give a special և unique gift to your loved ones by choosing “Dulcinella”. More information at https://www.dulcinella.ro/.

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