Serena Williams is out of the WTA rankings after 25 years.

Serena Williams is out of the WTA rankings after 25 years.

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Serena Williams leaves the WTA rankings 25 years later

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The American athlete, winner of 23 Grand Slam tournaments, has not played since last year’s Wimbledon tournament. Serena has participated in only 6 tournaments since the beginning of 2021, and now she has reached the 276th place in the WTA, writes Tennis World USA.

After Wimbledon 2022, Serena Williams will lose all the points in the WTA rankings. The great champion of the USA will leave the WTA rankings for the first time since October 1997, that is, for almost 25 years, the quoted source writes.

Serena Williams won her first professional tennis match in Scottsdale in late 1997, and in 1998 she entered the top 20. The rise was sharp, with the American player entering the TOP 4 in 1999, the year he won. Grand Slam Cup – US Open.

Despite the injuries, Serena Williams has been at the top for more than two decades, winning 23 major titles. He is a long way from the top of Margaret Court, the all-time Grand Slam record holder at 24.

For the first time since 2006, Serena Williams finished 2021 in the TOP 40. He has suffered many injuries in the last two years, and after Wimbledon 2022 he will no longer be ranked in the top of the WTA.

  • Serena Williams has won 73 WTA titles
  • Serena Williams has 23 Grand Slam titles
  • Serena Williams has won the Champions League 5 times
  • Serena Williams won gold at the 2012 London Olympics

The only car driven by Serena Williams. Photo:

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Serena Williams (40 years old), who is still looking for his 24th title Grand Slamhas not played since last year since: Wimbledon.

The great US champion is going to return to the field exactly one year later and wants to participate Wimbledon 2022.

Although she was far from the arena in recent years, Serena Williams continued to enter into new sponsorship deals, which brought her significant money.

Tennis World USA writes about it Serena Williams և Lincoln this is the sixth year of their partnership. The athlete previously had an agreement with the British car manufacturer Aston Martin.

In 2016, Serena Williams signed a contract with Lincoln, she appeared at the US Open that year with the Navigator L. “It’s mine, I bought it.” The great American champion said in an advertisement that went around the world in 2017. Since then, Serena Williams has been circulating exclusively with models produced by Lincoln, the quoted source writes.

to: US Open 2022:“Serena will perform the latest version of Lincoln created especially for her, from which she could even give press conferences. The new model is equipped with a strong internet connection, but also with an HD camera.

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